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Phone: +1 614-933-9166
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  • Monday:10AM–6PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–6PM
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Total reviews rating 3.3

157 Reviews for LC New Albany 2023:

Review №1


I will admit I never want to write a review because who cares right. But today I just knew I had to share my experience. I lived here since June 2020 and always had issues but nothing to bad. I called in several times about the mold on places that I took pictures below as well as other places like my clothes. I was told that since I’m close to the wetlands it’s nothing they can do about it. I reached out again and was told some one will reach out to me and discuss but after two follow ups myself I received no response. I suffered a job lost and did my best to keep up with bills and payments but fell a little behind. The late fees were paid and sometimes even the eviction process had to be paid making rent $500 extra a month.Well I was disconnected Tuesday and woke up to no power. My roommate pays the electric bill and hasn’t made a payment in a while. Cool that’s on me but here’s the crazy part. I made payment arrangements to get service restored and was waiting on money to come from back home. The people from the office came to my house and spoke with me about the rent being late saying they were doing an occupant check. I explain was having trouble getting out of the red and have intentions on paying the rent to catch up.The LC called at some point after leaving my apt called Nationwide Energy Partners and told them I had to pay full amount instead of the payment arrangement thus making it harder on me financial. When I asked them why would they do that they claim it wasn’t them and it was Nationwide. Clearly that’s not true because I setup the payment arrangements up two days ago and they said the LC Property manager called to cancel payment arrangements.So they didn’t care I have mold all over my apartment but went out of their way to cancel my payment arrangement and then lied about it. The electric bill here is already ridiculously high but for a 2 bedroom apartment why would the LC call in to cancel my payment arrangements? I just told them I was having issues with catching up on bills make it difficult for me to pay my rent. Once you sign the lease the smiles and communication stops. Maintenance is the only positive experience I had here. For the amount you pay for rent you would expect a little more professional courtesy. Please choose wisely when picking your next home, because there’s a reason most people sign one year leases here.

Review №2


I really wish I could give this place even just a 2 stars, the interior was actually pretty nice! However, this is probably the worst management Ive ever had from an apartment complex.- When I moved in they forgot my mail key (no worries) and promised to follow up with me on it. They never did, in fact, I actually had to call them 3 times and wait over 1 month to get it.- When I moved in, they forgot my trash and recycling contain. Again, had to call + stop by multiple times.- When my neighbor (adjacent wall) moved out, they started loud construction projects in the unit without a single heads up. These projects have been going on for over 2 weeks now.- Since I declined to renew my lease, they wanted an appointment to inspect my unit. We made one, we confirmed it over email. Day of they simply did not show up. When called, they kept insisting it was simply a miscommunication . A common theme is an inability to take ownership.- They re-did the roofs on my unit this year (no worries, happens some times); however, rather than have a simple date for me to work around, they constantly changed it so I had no way to plan in advance.- Leasing has decided to add new fines that did not exist in my lease. Pretty sure this one isnt even legal.Overall, pretty nice place! Horrible management. Maybe youll get lucky, maybe you wont.

Review №3


Okay everyone, here is a ~6 months review of living here at the LC. I should start by saying we were super excited to move here. It seemed quiet, extremely nice, and a great location. It’s been alright. First of all, the application process was… messy to say the least. We weren’t able to access our online application and had to do it in person. Whatever, that’s fine. But the communication between us and the office staff was… non existent. We would call to see if there was anything else they needed, they’d say no, they were reviewing our application and would get back to us. They never would, so we would call again, just to be told there was something they needed that was missing. This was a cycle for about 2 months. It was frustrating but at that point we were running out of time so we just dealt with it. The problem we have is that the whole time we were going back and forth, they were increasing the rent of the unit we wanted. So what started out as a $1400 unit turned into $1600. You also have to pay a bunch of money at move in that is not discussed beforehand, which again shows the lack of communication and just adds to us feeling as if we were taken advantage of. I’ve had to scrub a lot of this apartment that was not cleaned before we moved in. It’s not renovated. Carpet. outdated appliances. Already had to have washer looked at. Fridge is beginning to rust, pretty sure they just came and spray painted it back to white because there was white paint all over our kitchen floor by the fridge.I will say that maintenance is great though, usually comes very quickly and are always professional and nice (you know how some maintenance people can be… so this is definitely important.)Next, these units are FREEZING. We have our thermostat set at 72 and we are constantly cold. Windows are extremely drafty. Electric bill is getting very high.Also, the trash. No one likes it. It’s super inconvenient, but I’m sure cheaper for them. It just feels janky. They took our 65 gallon trash cans and gave us a 13 gallon trash can instead. smaller than my kitchen trash can. And if you fail to bring your trash can back into your own by 9 am you will be fined. Yep, fined. Don’t sleep in. Not sure yet what the fine is, but I think it’s really ridiculous. You have to place the trash can outside of your front door, so when you bring it back in, you have a nice trash can to welcome you home.I’m concerned about the move out process. They had us pay a $1600 deposit, but hopefully we aren’t overly charged for normal wear and tear of the unit.Some perks: pet friendly, you’ll see lots of dogs out walking. Shift yoga and Pilates study owned by Kelsey is great and it’s so nice that it’s located right across from the office. There are 3 pools (we haven’t been to any yet), a coffee shop, and the GOAT.All in all I think we’re paying too much and that is frustrating considering the messy application process was largely due to the office’s lack of clear communication. The amenities are nice. The people who live here are great. Just be mindful that this is a company and their main priority is making money. I think management needs to work on organization, communication, and being clear about things before move in. Staff is friendly though. And the trash system sucks (see picture of incredibly sad trash can below).

Review №4


Look elsewhere.Management is unwilling to work with tenants. Since I am moving soon with an unknown date, I needed to do a month to month lease - there is a fee for this, which I completely understand. However, the rent itself, has increased over a hundred dollars each month over the past several months because of the market.I called several times to negotiate this increase in price to which they did not provide a solid answer. I asked if they are OK with losing three customers for good over a $100 increase to which they replied theres nothing we can do. They clearly take advantage of tenants without a care of future relationships.You will not be treated as a customer here and for that reason I will not consider renting from LC in the future.

Review №5


I have lived at the LC New Albany since April 2021 and have loved every moment of it! The LC is its own little community which makes it feel less like an apartment. I love the location because it is close to every major space in Columbus, but far enough way to be away from the noise. It is a peaceful neighborhood, but also always filled with neighbors greeting, walking their dogs, enjoying the weather, the gym, and much more! I also am very impressed with the cost of living especially with all of the amenities that they include. This is also a wonderful community for anyone (young adults, families, etc.). I would highly recommend this location to anyone!

Review №6


Of all the agents in the leasing office I have had to communicate with in the years Ive lived here - Trevor has been an absolute horror show of a representative to deal with. He has zero customer service skills and is always hostile, condescending, speaks aggressively and makes every trip to pick up an Amazon delivery egregious. I loathe going to your office where a simple hello Im here to pick up an Amazon delivery ends in him screaming youre welcome when I hadnt said thanks (which honestly was not warranted after such an aggressive exchange from him - this man is intimidating and volatile and my child was present as said parcel was a gift for him)The LC desperately needs some comprehensive staff training because this is a deplorable example of professionalism and additionally this is my home - I should not be made to feel unsafe after going to pick up my package and there shouldnt be any form of unpleasant exchange or intimidating tone.I no longer feel safe or comfortable retrieving my packages from your leasing office and am horrified by the fact that this person knows where I live.

Review №7


I recently moved in; Ill update as needed throughout my lease.First- location is good, apartments overall are fine. Theyre putting a lot into the area which is great, but they need to remember the older units that they started with.The leasing process was not ideal. Lots of charges. I paid more to move in to this apartment than Ive ever paid. Most places waive all these fees, or apply them to the deposit. Not LC! None of these are written out in advance. It would be nice to know exactly whats due before moving in; this should not be a surprise.Even with all that I paid to move in, LC didnt hold up their end of the bargain. Things we discussed before I moved in were not completed. Im concerned about mold in the apartment- the vents are are visibly dirty. They were supposed to be cleaned, but were not. I had to do a lot of cleaning before I could move in. Im in the older part, and not renovated. I guess that means they dont put any real effort into it, since this is a cheap apartment. Update: after inquiring multiple times, my maintenance requests have been deleted. Ok, thats how they operate. Nice.Nikki was great to work with; I dont blame her for LC practices. I feel like she treated me the same as she would treat someone moving into a high-dollar unit. She does have a coworker that should be avoided. He has a lot to learn about customer service.Update: Watch out for your utility bill. Wow! I live alone, keep it cold, & have always had pretty low utility bills. $200 blows my mind. The bad part is the little chart that shows my usage in comparison to everyone else. Yes, its a lot lower. What does everyone elses bills look like?

Review №8


A lot of poor reviews regarding move in and not sure what changed in the last several months but I havent had any issues moving in and the staff were very helpful. Had a few hiccups with mail but partially my fault anyways. Staff is very friendly and helpful and love the gym. Ive lived in lots of apartments in other states and LC is by far my favorite.Only reason I didnt give a 5 star is I would love to see more doggy stations and dumpsters for larger trash items. Also theres been trash in my hallway since before I even moved in and the neighbors are definitely not gonna do anything about it and needs cleaned up.Walls are decent, not the greatest sound proof but not the worst. Random areas where paint is on the floors and paint marks on the walls but other than that the apartment was very clean on move in. The goat and morning ritual are both amazing, love the area!

Review №9


The location of our apartment is great. Walking distance from the Goat and a big front yard area. The apartment it self is very nice although not a lot of storage space. Through-out the leasing process it felt very unorganized. Getting different answers from each of the employees and different prices. We were left very confused at times and with an uneasy feeling that we were getting taken advantage of with the price. I do feel that the prices are higher than some other apartment complexes in the area. We’ve been living here for about 2 months now and I’ve been noticing parking passes on all the other cars. Figured out that we did not get our parking passes when we received our keys. Luckily we did not get towed or ticketed. We referred some friends who are now living at the LC and still have not been contacted about that. All in all, the apartment we have is very nice but the way everything is handled seems very sketchy and unorganized. I would’ve liked for the process to be less stressful and more straight forward making me feel like I made the right decision living here. Unfortunately, I was stressed about making the wrong decision after putting the deposit down.

Review №10


I am a former resident who moved out four years ago and accidentally had some packages delivered to my old address at the LC New Albany. I called to let the staff know about my mistake and they were more than helpful. I received calls from the LC staff advising they are holding my packages for me, and will have them ready for me to pick them up at my convenience. Not only they take care of you while living there, but even after you leave. Thank you LC management staff!