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2.2 (10 comments)

Review №1


I lived here for about 6 years management needs reconsidered. People don’t know what you go through. I was sick this year in July and I had to pay my rent a month late didn’t know that would be grounds for eviction after 6 years. They don’t care about they long term tenants and they definitely don’t care about the property.It rains in the bedrooms, the bathrooms are falling apart and the cabinets are from the 1900s.It’s a good first apartment but for the $700 they currently going for it’s not worth it but it’s a place to live.I didn’t mind paying $599 but you can’t make old apartments brand new they are 50 years old. They also have gone up on the rent $50 for the past three years , every year and no community improvements.Play area for the kids is ran down , laundry room filthy might as well go to the laundromat down the street it’s cleaner.

Review №2


As a disabled person with mobility issues I chose Kingswood Court based on the on-site laundry facilities and central air conditioning. I moved in on 5/14/21 and my a/c wasn’t operational and there is 1 semi-working washing machine. It’s now 6/16 and nothing has been repaired in their laundry facilities and I still have no central air. I contacted the manager Rodney and he refused to supply me the management company’s telephone number. I found it on my own, received a call back on Friday June 11 and spoke with Michelle, sent her an email as requested and have yet to have any issues resolved or been in contact with anyone regarding these issues. This place is trash and I am beginning the process of putting future rent payments in Escrow.

Review №3


Ive lived here with my husband since Dec. There is always tons of trash everywhere, the emergency maintenance line is a joke, and Rodney (landlord) never does anything. Our door lock broke so we could neither lock or unlock our door and maintenance refused to fix it. We have had literal birds in our walls and Rodney tried telling me the noise was in my head. The laundry facility never has working machines. I can not wait to move out. I cant believe they charge $669+ for this trash.

Review №4


Looks can be deceiving, depite hearing bad things the apartment complex was very nice, the landlord was nice and organized the maintenance men were always around ready to help when needed. For the price these apartments were amazing I stayed there for 2 years while in college, everything is close basically within walking distance. If I could I would go back.

Review №5


Dont let the pictures fool you,Sure they did some upgradesBut all of the upgrades were of the cheapest materials,appliances,etc. possible.Every year that we have been here,they domaintenance on the driveway/parking lots.Which consists of minor pothole patching and then a sealer coat spray followed by fresh repainting on the yellow parking spot lines.Its like putting a band-aid on a broken bone.They would get off cheaper in the long run just by completely repaving the entire thing and save those of us who have lived here in the long term especially the hassle and wear and tear on our vehicles.Just in our area alone,every time it rains,there is a huge puddle that takes days to drain/evaporate,due to a drain that they apparently cant or just wont unclog.It has caused extra rust damage to our trucks wheels and brake system and all the potholes has thrown our alignment outta wack.None of which I am not sure how I could actually prove to the management to pay,the kitchen cabinets are made from that cheap pressed wood and the bottoms are buckling and cracking.I have requested those be fixed along with several other things....but its like beating your head against a brick wall.I could say more but it is early at this point and my temper is not the best.Suffice it to say,you get what you pay for.If we could afford better,wed certainly move there ASAP.

Review №6


Lived there almost 2 years. Wasnt bad, but wasnt great. Had an issue with a mildew smell that they said they took care of but never got rid of it. Management and maintenance were friendly but not always available.

Review №7


Would not recommend living here.

Review №8


Rodney the Manager Likes to steal your security deposit and never inform you, nor give it back ^_^ When you reach out to get a resolution he likes to give you the run around hoping youll give up.

Review №9


Never puts any money to fix their stuff , They Always go the cheapest way to replace or patch and I useto live here for about 8 years

Review №10


Soooo treshy it belt lik hume

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