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3.2 (21 comments)

Review №1


This wasnt my first time using Joe and it wont be the last. He is the epitome of what customer service is about. His guys are just as awesome, and my entire family was impressed by their work. Dont call anyone else until youve talked to Jeffers. 🙏🏾🥰

Review №2


They picked up items on 12/13 and 12/14, stored for 3 weeks and lost or stolen over $5100 of my items. I would give them minus stars. Owner even hung up on me, so I had to deal with him thru my brother. Do not use them, you will regret it.

Review №3


Small Co but excellent Movers & A Moving Company Definitely Starting to Move Up in the Moving Business & If You Are Moving Antiques or A Family Heirloom there is No Company Better than these Guys to do that for You !!!!

Review №4


I have had Jeffers move me personally about 5 times in the last 6 years, not to mention others I have recommended them to. This was my first negative experience, but having emailed the owner and got no response, I feel I need to share it so others can be aware. I fear the company may be experiencing what I call, company rot. Basically, where a good company providing a solid service deteriorates over time. It is first seen with repeat customers and then eventually leads to less new customers due to the rotting of the businessHere is what happened to me this time. First, I had requested 3 guys and 4 showed up. I figured Id let it go, as the move should take less time, right? It actually took the same amount of time and you have to watch 4 guys instead of 3 to make sure they are moving things you need and that no damage is being done. Further, there always seems to be one guy that is slagging behind the others (these were nice guys and a couple of them were hard working in all fairness). In this case, 3 of 4 guys spent a good amount of their time messing with their phones and not moving stuff. I bet we lost an hour combined with that type of thing alone.Jeffers was moving me from a ranch house they moved me into 2 years ago from the same neighborhood I went back to on this move (also a ranch of the same size), so distance traveled and logistics were the same. I paid them $893 to move last time. Keep in mind, this was the same stuff and even a bit less this time around, as I had cleaned out a lot of stuff.Guys showed up at 915. They marked down 8 as their departure time. Their location to my home is 30 minutes tops. Then they left at 215 and put down 3 (I assume to cover their return time back to the office). There was a half hour lunch in there also. Not a problem to take one, but not on my $160 an hour. I was also charged $75 for a sleep number bed and $75 for a small gun safe.. neither of those two charges were charged last time two years ago and both were moved then also. Jeffers knew I had the sleep number bed, as I mentioned it when I setup the move and if charges had changed (I realize they can), I should have been told about that at scheduling and before I was presented with the bill with no choice but to pay it. That way someone can shop around with other movers to compare.There were also a few things damaged in the brand new house I was moving into. I had just went through an extensive punch out list with the builder and these things weren’t there prior to the move. No other furniture had been brought in the house, so this damage has to have happened that day. The guys were aware of the trim damage from the couch, but I didn’t see the front door until they rolled out, as we left through the garage. Further, the next day, when using the same desk I use all the time, I noticed the top of it had been marred in the move.When you combine the over charging and damage with no response from my email to the owner and the fact it cost $440 more to move to the same neighborhood with the same or less stuff 2 years ago, I wont be using them in the future, nor recommending them to anyone going forward. Its never fun to see a stable business deteriorate, but it is worst to bear the burden of it as a consumer.

Review №5


Josh Gee and or Brad Zimpleman were our movers on September 3rd. One of them or both of them stole $1500 worth of silver bullion and jewelry from us. We immediately contacted the company. They seemed very sympathetic at first, but they haven’t compensated us for our losses and last I heard, the two employees were still employed. If you use this company, be sure to hide all of your valuables. Two rings stolen were given to me by my grandma who passed away years ago.

Review №6


We had a bad experience with the second move experience we had with this company. When we requested compensation for the negative experience the owner promised to refund our money but never has for over 3 months now. Definitely not professional, unresponsive and does not deal truthfully with clients.

Review №7


Showed up nearly 3 hours after scheduled arrival. No notice of running late and would not respond while we were trying figure out if they were coming or not. We wasted a half days worth of PTO waiting. They didn’t even apologize or give a reason. They simply didn’t care about us as customers. The movers themselves were terrible, rude and not the kind of people I would ever want around my family again.

Review №8


Awful. Never showed up. Never called. They won’t pick up the phone after calling numerous times. And now we have to book someone else and return the uhaul truck late, which means we have to pay extra time for the truck. This is no way to run a business. People are reliant on you.

Review №9


Great company!! Will use them for all my moving needs!!

Review №10


Big thanks to Joe and his team! They crushed our move for us and were great to work with :). Highly recommend!

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