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If you are reading this review run, this apartment complex is trash. When I say terrible, I mean terrible. The management is horrible, the maintenance is terrible, and some of the units are terrible. Management and Leasing people are very nice when you are new and they trying to get you to sign that lease, but as soon as you sign it, it all will change. The management makes promises that they never keep their word on. Maintenance takes weeks to come to check on orders. The units are terrible.

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Hoover Garden Apartments are a good place to live if you want to save money in this day and age where apartment costs are rising to astronomical amounts. Sure, the apartments are a little dated, but the complex does its best to keep them in working order. The staff is great, and they do their best to work with people on problems they may have with their apartment or financial situations. My only huge complaint would be the shady people that walk through the premises at times. It is a problem that keeps me from sending my children out to play, without my presence, in fear of them being abducted. Also, some of the children walk around unsupervised, playing in the parking lot as vehicles come and go. I feel like sometime, a child is going to get hit. If you are looking to save money, but dont mind foregoing the latest amenities at newer apartment complexes, then check out Hoover Garden Apartments.

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Extremely unprofessional. Landlord told us DEC. 14th we would be able to move in on the first of JAN. Not only did the landlord “Missy” never return any of my calls. I have had to call every time of day just to get an answer and when I came in person for the 3rd time the reason ahe wasn’t taking my calls was because “she just woke up” at 3pm. Completely LAZY landlord. Also the villa she told us would be available on the 1st has someone occupying it in January, even though she told us we were the only applicants to turn in all the paperwork. Now it is January 11th and we’ve still been getting the run-around from this establishment. No integrity, just slum living off of application fees.

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Me and my girlfriend would be grateful to live in your complex, and rent another one out to a associate of ours

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