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Phone: +1 216-267-8900
Site: https://www.hertz.com/rentacar/l...
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  • Monday:6AM–11:30PM
  • Tuesday:6AM–11:30PM
  • Wednesday:6AM–11:30PM
  • Thursday:6AM–11:30PM
  • Friday:6AM–11:30PM
  • Saturday:6AM–11:30PM
  • Sunday:6AM–11:30PM
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3.6 (199 comments)

Review №1


Nice service and very friendly personal. All process is fast and easy. Price is affordable, vehicle is brand new. I got Hyundai Tucson, but for cold weather in Ohio I can highly recommend any all-wheel drive car. Make sure youre on-time with car return. Be safe.

Review №2


Car was dinged up and scratched and the interior was cleaned but still worn so badly that it felt dirty and the interior plastics on the SUV were scratched and there were ashes between the seats. I paid 700+$ for a nasty vehicle. And now I have to make a complaint when I return the vehicle because I fear that they are going to try to charge me for pre existing damages.The photos attached are just a few of the photos I took when I initially recieved the car. There are far more photos and issues than whats shown.

Review №3


Be very careful when you rent a car after flying all day you just anxious. To start your vacation….already purchased a car paid for. Went to counter to get my car Cora charged me for insurance. That is We declined because I already prepaid. She had me sign for the deposit. I wish I would have looked everything over. Just pay attention to what you are signing even after a long day of flying you want your car and start your vacation. Too bad people are just out to rip you off take your money. I caught this when I got to my room called. They gave me case number. Told me to call them when I return the car. They would reverse the 378.00. More than my car rental. I called they said nothing they can do about it. So heads up pay attention to what you are signing ! It’s sad that this happens… I’ll never rent from this place ever again

Review №4


I was on a flight Friday 29April that landed a little later than expected. By the time we got our luggage, got the bus to car rentals and arrived it was midnight. We and 2 others were shocked Hertz was closed. I had advised them the flight I was on. I would have thought they would have noticed me they would be closed. Im a gold member that will rethink booking Hertz. National had stayed and waited for there customers. They were wonderful and got 3more customers. Good customer service!

Review №5


To begin with, the car I had didnt have a bar code for the worker to scan.Next, over all the systems worked but Ive never had a modern car *not* have the seat belt warning work. I experimented to even see if it mattered what speed I went if that would set it off. Nope, silent at all reasonable speeds. Concerning because if that doesnt work, what else may not?Also, my phone wouldnt connect to Android Auto for the reason that the connection wasnt secure and appeared compromised. Ive had issues were it wouldnt connect or stay connected but never that the connection was risky!Finally, none of the charging ports were putting out any decent level of power. While I was charging, I was still losing percentage.While thats only one car on the lot, combined with the less than pleasant overall rental checkout experience (told at the counter one zone but board had different, no attendants in the lot) leave this a 3 star location at best.

Review №6


Rented a SUV (Equinox or similar) this past weekend via Expedia. The transaction went smooth. They gave us a relatively new Honda Pilot to use. Great car, nice condition, clean. No problems. The only downside was I didnt like having a Florida tag on the car while I was bopping around the city. But thats the way it was. Great rental experience!

Review №7


These ladies are the best! Cars always clean, always on time and if you need a special request they are their for you. I took my family on one way cross country trip and they made my trip magical delivering a practically brand new Ford Expedition. Incredible service! Could not be happier.

Review №8


We made a reservation in advance but my husband forgot and rebooked when we arrived. as soon as we told the clerk she made it right, no issue. Also, we have a toddler and there were no toddler seats available. One of the managers on site was quick to drive and find us one! It was so thoughtful. Traveling is not always perfect so it’s nice when a company is quick to make things right!

Review №9


The Hertz experience was was great! It was super easy to pick up the car. I just chose one and showed my ID at the gate and I was on my way! When I had to return I needed an extension and had a little issue. Jackie really helped and was truly amazing! I would recommend to anyone that is need of a rental in the CLE

Review №10


Do not rent a car from Hertz!!!!! They have the worst customer service ever! My husband and I rented a van from Hertz to take our kids on vacation. Two days into the rental, our van wouldnt start. My husband spent an hour on the phone and Hertz sent someone out to look at it. The battery was bad and so the repairman jumped it but said not to turn the van off because it wouldnt start again. Hertz told us that it was our responsibility to drive the van 40 minutes to the nearest Hertz to get an exchange. My husband drove it in and then waited for 40 minutes in line. The man at the desk went through the contract with him and my husband declined all extra charges like insurance, etc. The man then said, So you want the basic package? My husband said yes thinking that he had declined everything and was getting the same contract we already signed up for in the original agreement. Wrong! The man added on two daily fees. Then he was given a van that wasnt filled with gas and that smelled very strongly of cigarette smoke. At this point he had missed a half of a day of our vacation and started his 40 minute drive back. I noticed in the new email that Hertz sent us that our cost for renting the van had gone up, but we both thought that after all of this, Hertz would of course honor our first rental agreement and we could work everything out when we dropped off the car. WRONG AGAIN!!! After spending a full day trying to work this out with Hertz, their attitude is Stinks to be you. We dont have to do anything for you because we have your signature on the second contract. They dont have to do anything for me??? How about We are so sorry that your van broke down on vacation! How about Thank you for taking time out of your vacation to drive our broken van back to us? How about Of course we will honor your original contract of over $1100. NOPE, none of that. We get to pay THEM $200 more for our lovely experience. They did give us the generous offer of a $50 credit toward our next rental with Hertz. Um, big surprise here, I AM NEVER RENTING FROM HERTZ AGAIN!

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