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  • Monday:8AM–4PM
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  • Wednesday:8AM–4PM
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  • Saturday:9AM–12PM
  • Sunday:Closed
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3.1 (88 comments)

Review №1


Be aware! Hertz let’s you reserve a vehicle even though they don’t have anything available.Their business models seems to be to get as many reservations as possible and hope that they can at least fulfill some of them. They clearly don’t care about their customers or their frontline employees that have to sort through the mess. Don’t allow people to make reservations if you don’t have anything available.

Review №2


I rented a car from Hertz Cleveland downtown yesterday Friday April 1st at around 5:15 PM. I have specified a midsize car in my rental but the location only had SUVs. The Manager Associate Ron Walls told me that I could take the SUV, head to the airport (20 miles away), and ask for a swap with a midsize car since they should have much larger inventory. I was hesitant at first buy he kept convincing us that it is cool and that if we don’t find a midsize car there we can just drop off the SUV and we won’t be charged anything at all. Hence, I drove the rental and my wife drove her car in case we end up canceling the whole thing and dropping the rental off at airport.We went to Hertz at the airport (Cleveland airport), and the lady on front desk was extremely rude and kept yelling at us that there are no midsize cars available and if we drop the other car off, we will actually still be charged for a full day (despite the fact that we just literally drove 20 mins between the two locations and that’s it). I asked for the manager whose name is Cameron Neele as the front desk lady claimed (I think it is a made up name; she refused to give her own name). The manager said there is no such thing as swapping car and confirmed that he will charge us for the day if we drop off the SUV and that we can seek reimbursement from the original branch in Cleveland downtown, which was already closed by the time we are having this conversation (it was 6:10 pm). My wife tried to ask a follow up question but the front desk lady didn’t even look her in the eyes and kept yelling ‘I already talked to them’. Seriously, what’s your problem folks? If you hate your job stay home. This is a very bad image for Hertz!I dropped off the car, got charged $138. I talked next day to Ron from Cleveland downtown location and he said he can’t do anything about it and I should talk to the manager at airport. I mentioned that I talked to him already and he said there is no such thing. He said, well, talk to his manager. I was like what the hell this is a scam.I called corporate customer service and they said they will issue a refund for me. But nevertheless, I won’t settle until I am sure the corporate investigates this and makes some corrective actions against these two locations and the incompetent people working there.

Review №3


They took money out of my account daily and again the whole amout that after I returned the car. (So I was double charged) They charged me an extra day of having the rental & the rental had already been returned.They called me saying my insurance said my time was up and I needed to return my rental. I contacted my insurance & they had no clue what I was talking about. They also put me in a car size smaller than my actual car. I went to one of the competitors and had no problems and my insurance completed the process from where Hertz lefted off

Review №4


Have rented from here at least 4 times over the past couple years. Has never taken less than 45 minutes to get my car. This last time a guy came in and returned a car and that was the car they were giving me. Had to wait for it to be cleaned - but they couldnt wash it as there was no water (?!). I am also a Presidential Gold member and I am supposed to just be able to go to any car and hop in so it is even more frustrating. I have rented from Hertz at over.....50? 60? 75? locations and I can definitely say this is the poorest run one I have had to use. AND, Im not including things they dont really control - there is never an empty parking spot out front in which to return your car - one time I drove round and round and finally had to double park before I missed my train.

Review №5


Please stay away from this place at all costNot good business I found items in my car that I rented and exchanged my car twice. I found smoking substances between seats and lighter never smoked in my life just say if the police would have pulled me over there would have been an issue

Review №6


If I could give this car company 0 stars I would. I reserved a vehicle with hertz on E. 12th street in Cleveland, Ohio and when I went to pick it up they didnt have what was reserved. They wouldnt re place it with another one because they were bigger in size and told me those are for their members who pays thousands of dollars a year with them. They even had ME calling their other stores to see if they had anything available, which they didnt. Why would you have the customer calling around for your mishap??? I got no answer, one store was closed and hung up on twice...smh. Now these were from the other stores. I called the number they gave me and the sent me to tje airport and when I got there they said they had no cars available. This was a horrible experience and thank God I wasnt from out of town and I do things early and prepare for things such as this. They dont have a corporate number and are really bad at correcting their wrongs. I would never use them again and didnt get to use them this time. I will stick with Enterprise from here on out which is who I usually go through anyway.

Review №7


If you have time, you will receive capable and competent service in a nice location with great cars. That said we came on Saturday and there was a single staff person to process all parts of all transactions, rentals, returns, and calls. While he moved seamlessly between customers, it still took up almost an hour of our time, which can be critical for some trips, so plan accordingly.

Review №8


I will never rent from Hertz again. I show up for my prepaid reservation in downtown Cleveland there is no one but 1 other customer in the location and the door is locked although it says “we’re open” and the hours are right there listed until 1pm. Finally after waiting for over 30 minutes for the representative, “Ron” finally showed up. He questioned why I was there and I said “I’m here for a reservation” and he said “we’re closed.” I point to the hours on the door and the open sign and he said there was nothing he can do. I tell him I prepaid and am here for my reservation at 12. It’s not my fault that he took forever to come back from bringing down the other car. They shouldn’t schedule 12pm pickups if they aren’t going to honor them. Ron then proceeds to RUN up the stairs away from me- didn’t even close the location fully. He then brings down his own car and shows back up to finishing closing the store. At this point, I’m on hold with Hertz to see if they can move my reservation to the airport since it’s the only place open still on a Saturday. The representative tells me to NOT cancel my reservation and to just drive to the airport to try to get the same price but he couldn’t do that over the phone for some reason. I asked him to confirm that their was SUV availability there and he said yes. So I drive the 30 minutes to the airport and explain to the employee there what happened and she then tells me they are out of ALL cars and have been for a week. So why did the rep tell me they were available at that location? I could even see online that they had cars available so I still don’t understand how they were out.Luckily, AVIS had a car available for me and the representative there was a sweetheart and gave me a great rate. Will NEVER book with Hertz again, AVIS has won my business for life and will tell everyone I know in the area to rent from them instead.

Review №9


Terribly bad customer service!!I had a reservation at 11:30 but I couldn’t get the car until 12:30Firstly, when I went to get the car, there was no one to help me. After 15-20, one of the staff member came and they mentioned they have a car available but it’s not clean and it needs to be cleaned and fueled for it to be ready to go!So, I had to wait again for another 40 mins to get the car.Worst customer service ever. Never renting from here again.

Review №10


If I could give 0, I would. They do not confirm inventory when reserving. As a frequent renter through Hertz, this is the WORST location to try to rent from.I arrived at my scheduled pickup time, was told they had no cars in the class I reserved. Proceeded to tell me to either wait an hour plus, or come in the following day to pick up the car. While waiting on hold with corporate for 30 minutes, Brian saw me but did not stop to let me know a car had arrived. When I called the following day to confirm their inventory Brian told me he saw me waiting but didn’t say that the car just arrived and for me to stick around for 10 more minutes.He completely failed to apologize, told me he never “guaranteed” that they would have a car for me, and was so unhelpful!Do not rent from this location!

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