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Phone: +1 216-663-6666
Site: https://www.hamlandscaping.com/
Opening hours
  • Monday:7:30AM–4:30PM
  • Tuesday:7:30AM–4:30PM
  • Wednesday:7:30AM–4:30PM
  • Thursday:7:30AM–4:30PM
  • Friday:7:30AM–4:30PM
  • Saturday:Closed
  • Sunday:Closed
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Total reviews rating 3.2

30 Reviews for H.A.M. Landscaping, Inc. 2023:

Review №1


H.A.M Landscaping is beyond what I consider an unprofessional work environment. Expect poor working conditions and to find your job posted on indeed when they’re ready to replace you instead of directly addressing the employee. Don’t waste your time apply somewhere that cares about your well being.

Review №2


Avoid this company at all costs. Turnover rate is extremely high and management is rude and unprofessional. It makes the job much harder to do. If you’re considering employment here do yourself a favor and look elsewhere

Review №3


HAM is consistently inconsistent.Snow plow: one of the most expensive options in the neighborhood. Ive had them for 2 years.In the 2020-2021 season they were extremely late early in the season during heavy falls but during lighter snowfalls later in the season they were more consistent.In 2021-2022 they have been a disappointment. Our friends often bet how late they will be because its somewhat comical how inconsistent they are. If there is a snowfall overnight we frequently wont be plowed until late in the afternoon or evening. If your lucky enough to get someone on the phone its unlikely they can provide meaningful information.Landscaping: overall effective landscapers, not resolving existing issues but not worsening things either. They do a pretty good job here for the basics. Have missed services but then came out after calling.Billing: bills are frequently inaccurate. Incorrect items added for services not performed, late fees for thing paid on time.

Review №4


AVOID AT ALL COSTS!! Absolute scam company. They cash your $300 for plowing and then disappear into the wind. They never plow per their contract and dont respond to phone calls or e-mails. They are thieves.

Review №5


I would give them negative stars if possible. They dropped off stones/boulders in front our property at least two months ago to fix our creek. They took half of them away as they needed them for another job. We have paid them in advance and they dont return messages. Dont use them:(

Review №6


The crew from HAM is very responsive to our requests for special handling of specific problems/situations. The spring clean-up was most thorough and carefully done. We are pleased with HAM Landscapings services.

Review №7


Hire them to redo the landscaping in our backyard. There was no attention to detail and the work was of very poor quality. The number of problems we have had with the work are too numerous to mention. When contacted about these issues with their work they offered to quote me a new job to fix their mistakes. Any guarantee from them is worthless. Do not use them.

Review №8


Just look at all the other horrible one star reviews. I second the statement that if there was a possibility to leave negative stars I would. You could not possibly find a worse landscaping service. For years I have been battling with them to stop blowing their clippings from the property next door all over my yard. For years it’s the same thing over and over and over again. Whoever trains these people, if any training even occurs, should be fired immediately. In what world is it okay to blow your yard mess all over the neighbors yard and call it a day?

Review №9


We contracted with HAM for a fall/spring cleanup. We were generally pleased with the work in the fall. Spring cleanup was to be done by “mid March” according to our contract.No one ever showed up. I called them today (May 28), to notify them that I would like them to return our payment for failure to complete work. The individual answering the phone said that “GPS” shows that they were at our house on Mar 27th. When I informed her that the beds are a mess and the leaves, debris, etc are evidence to the contrary, she was dismissive: “That’s not something I can address.” I invited her to send someone to look for themselves. She took my number and I am still awaiting a response.I’ve included photos of the “cleanup.”

Review №10


We have used HAM Landscaping for over30 years! They are a 1st Class Business.The staff is knowledgeable, kind andhard working.