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4.6 (199 comments)

Review №1


If you can easily visit another Half Price Books in town, I highly recommend doing so, especially if you’re selling books.This store pays less for books they purchase than the other Half Price Books in town and most of the staff at the buy desk act like they’re doing you the favor while they pay you pennies on the dollar for quality books.And, don’t expect your time to be valued by the staff at the counter. They will tend to other non-related tasks in the middle of handing your business… IF they can break up their own conversations to any work.

Review №2


Beyond being affordable, and helping re- home books, I get a couple bucks to pay towards my purchase. They are so efficient with their buy process that mountains of books are processed in the Blink of an eye. Checking out is super easy - AND THEY ARE BAG FREE! I mean if you ask, then they give you one. Great place for lovers of all media types!

Review №3


Outstanding selection as always, often with books you cant find in regular stores anymore. Prices are hit-and-miss depending on the market, because some of these are probably going for less elsewhere. But Im not really going to complain and well still happily shop here.

Review №4


Dropped off 4 large boxes (100s) of books -- excellent condition -- some classics, some biographies, novels, travel books, etc. The masked girl who waited on us was rude and inaudible. They gladly kept all the books and offered 7 dollars for everything. Wasnt worth our trouble. Do not recommend.

Review №5


Dont buy or sell here. This place throws away thousands of dollars every year in merchandise. Cds, dads, books (bibles) and games. They throw it right into their dumpster. People could use this stuff and instead of giving it away to people that could use it. They just toss it in their trash. I get some stuff being old or messed up but they throw away brand new things still wrapped in plastic. Not to mention that the people that work here are all extremely rude.

Review №6


It was okay. They had a few sets of rare/high value books. Unfortunately, there wasnt much selection of bookf (as Igor would pronounce and cheered her.

Review №7


A perfectly average Half Price Books. Good book options that are always changing from week to week. Good to just check out if youre in the area.

Review №8


I always love this place. Lots to choose from and Im occasionally selling back like my last visit. Just a real cool place

Review №9


I love this place. The staff are very friendly and there are hundreds of books to choose from. The place is always hopping (an indication that people still love real books).

Review №10


Half Priced Books has not only a pretty good selection and prices but also friendly and helpful staff. Accessibility wise, the store has very wide aisles. The store is also quiet, which is good if you have sensory issues.

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