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Total reviews rating 3.3

199 Reviews for Greyhound Bus Station 2023:

Review №1


Pleasant drivers during my cross country trip.Could use a little bit more leg room on the buses, but expected.Temperature on buses were comfortable. Wifi accessibility is a nice commodity as well as dual power out lets in each row.Overall a great experience.

Review №2


This is one of the nicer stations Ive been to. Very well lit with lots of seating to social distance. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Not to many items to chose from at their snack bar area. As usual the washrooms were disgusting. I wouldnt mind stopping at this station in the future.

Review №3


I don’t have words to describe. This is worse then a local bus. Their staff will treat you like you owe them money. Their stations are so dirty and out of order. Their drivers were late like everytime except when we were transferred to Barron Bus Line and they had way better service then Greyhound. I cannot describe how it can take 20 hours to reach from Chicago to Cleveland but, here I am a living proof. May God Save even my enemies from traveling on Greyhound.

Review №4


Definitely not a safe place. Disgusting, dirty bathrooms, wildlife flying inside the terminal. Staff is extremely difficult and they refuse to explain the procedure of traveling with their company. Needless to say that building needs to be condemned and retrain ALL THE STAFF including the bus drivers. Floors are not at all clean, eating areas are horrible. Tables had never had been cleaned, wifi was not working properly and shorting out. I was threatened by 3 black men and they assaulted me with no punishment from Greyhound. I dont recommend Greyhound for any sort of traveling. The busses are not sanitary as they claim and I slipped and fell getting off the bus because the driver refused to place the foot step outside of the bus door so that he could go to have a cigarette. Very rude and unpleasant. I dont recommend Greyhound for anyone ever!

Review №5


Very... utilitarian. The station has really gone down, quality-wise. The station was clean at least. The staff was friendly and offered us cold water as the day was very hot and humid. Even more disappointing was the fact that the restaurant was permanently closed.

Review №6


This place is very dangerous. I was looking around and a man got loud and hostile because he thought I was looking at him. He made me feel very unsafe and the station wouldnt refund me due to a safety issue.... even workers were saying how crazy this experience was. For safety of any woman please dont travel this station.

Review №7


Absolute worst service ever! I was traveling from New York to Michigan and the bus driver in Cleveland would not let me on the bus unless I sold him my Gucci bag (4am). I refused and the driver would not let me on the bus. I waited seven hours and was only given a bus ride to Toledo when I paid for my ending destination to be Mid-Michigan. Greyhound will not even give me a discount or any type of refund for their employees negligence. Not sure how a business can stay in business as they display these type of absolutely unprofessional actions. PLEASE save your money and do not use Greyhound they don’t care about you, your time, or anything else regarding their passengers. I never complain about things like this but this was like I was in the twilight zone I could not believe this could actually happen.

Review №8


I had come into the Cleveland Greyhound center and spoke with a dark skin black lady with curly hair almost touching her shoulders, she was on the rounder/chubby side and about 5’5. I must give a each person description, as no one had name tags during their shift. I came in and asked her if I was able to receive a print out of my ticket since I had rebooked it and never got a pdf of my new ticket. Through the conversation, she began getting snappy with me and I told her “there’s no reason to have an attitude, I’m just asking a question” and her responses then on continued to be snarky so I had stepped out of line to check my email for any pdf or receipt. Once I got back in line, another women helped me and she was very helpful. Throughout this conversation, the initial lady was making snarky comments under her breath with the security guard in the corner so I just ended up apologizing and she continued being rude and talking over me. I don’t expect her to accept my apology but it was very unprofessional to just talk over me and continue talking about a CUSTOMER to the security. The security guard kept instigating the conversation so after getting my ticket I walked away. The security guard was a light skin black male about 5’10 with a scruffy short haired bearer.

Review №9


Again Im checking into it Im going to see if I can find a way to sue Greyhound they rob me at the opportunity to say my last goodbyes and I tried to get there every which way I could and then not with Greyhounds help they didnt care although it was their fault they didnt care

Review №10


The staff is so courteous. They interact well with others providing great service. To see and hear how they work together during the snow and ice era is truly amazing. Drive Greyhound forever and you will be safe on the road. Love and peace to them all forever.

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