Goodwill Industries of Greater Cleveland & East Central Ohio in North Olmsted


Phone: +1 440-777-4422
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  • Monday:9AM–8PM
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  • Sunday:11AM–7PM
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3.8 (167 comments)

Review №1


This goodwill has the highest turn around of items. They are constantly restocking the shelves. My favorite goodwill in a 50 mile radius. All the employees are always nice. They also have a very large media center with tons of second hand computers.

Review №2


I understand that retail sales fund Goodwills programs, but this store is notably more expensive than other area Goodwills. I wasnt able to buy anything today because the item I wanted did not have a price tag. Having visited this locations a few times now, I think this location just isnt for me.

Review №3


Im from Indianapolis and was in Cleveland for the weekend. Was impressed by the good selection of items and I did not leave empty handed. However, it was a little on the pricier side. Overall, I liked this location.

Review №4


Goodwill used to be one of my favorite thrift stores. Now, I barely bother even walking in. The way theyre pricing items is outrageous! Ive seen clothing items from Walmart on their racks priced higher then the original price from the store...brand new! Im sorry but paying $7-$8 for a used faded shirt is insane! Ive included some example pricing in the pics that I took at the North Olmsted location. But Ive been to a few others in the area and they are all pricing this way.

Review №5


This store was recently remodeled to accommodate a new large electronics section. Not a good idea, as every time I have been to the store since the remodel this section has had no one perusing it. Most people are aware that buying an overpriced three year old computer is a poor purchase decision. The store could have doubled the amount of large household items it carries and done its clientele a better service.This particular Goodwill used to be a go to for a great selection of books at very fair prices as well, however, they have raised the price of all their media by up to 300% depending on what you are purchasing. Still, a hardback book for less than $5 is far better than retail and theres no shortage of great titles on a given day.I have always found a great variety of collectible kitchenware and dishware in this store. Due to the area, the items are often vintage and fun finds.As with most Goodwill stores, there is a color tag on each item. The color of the week is 50% off and rotates starting on Sunday. Clothing items with the new color discount go early in the week, but there are always more than enough low priced pieces to purchase without being half off.

Review №6


One of the greatest thrift stores I ever ever shopped at excellent prices excellent assortment of items even a computer area where you can buy a few computer laptops you know home office and the staff is wonderful the great people to work with and they work with you they help you why wouldnt anybody if you want to save money in your wallet go to this place the best store in the whole entire world

Review №7


Went to donate a box to this location (mind you I’ve never been to this location & was in the area) and the experience was negative. The man that came out to grab what I had, had a rude/ disrespectful attitude. Seemed like he hated his job and life kind of attitude. Handed him what I had and he yelled at me asking, “WHAT’S IN THE BOX?!” And did so two more times. Evidently “home goods” was not a good enough answer. I’ll never come back to donate here nor step foot in the place.

Review №8


Theresa ( night manager ) was extremely helpful. The whole staff is on top of their game. Clean store and well run. Thx guys.

Review №9


Usually I have a great experience when I donate (which is why I’m not leaving a 1 star review) however, yesterday was not a good experience. I came by later in the day with 4 large bags to donate, the man took them out of my car and said bye. He didn’t hand me a receipt so I asked if I could have one. His demeanor completely changed and started to complain to the other man working outside, right in front of me. I could hear how much he hated donation receipts and why can’t people just donate without them. He continued to complain as he was giving me the receipt. Very rude and made me feel like s**t for donating. I will be donating elsewhere in the future.

Review №10


This used to be the greatest thrift store of all time. I used to go multiple times a week. Until they got extremely greedy and started pricing things triple and quadruple what they used to. This is a thrift store, the entire purpose that people shop at a thrift store for is to get a good deal and to hunt for treasures at a good deal. Going on eBay and pricing the things you get in based off of the value they go for online or charging a lot for an item just because it’s namebrand is BOGUS. You shouldn’t be calling yourself a thrift store then… you should be calling yourself a consignment shop. You aren’t an antique shop to be selling a cookie jar for $20. I probably will never shop here again because the past few times I’ve gone the prices are honestly disgusting. A thrift store used to be a place where people who didn’t have a lot of money could afford nicer things if they looked hard enough and now goodwill has just become greedy.

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