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4.2 (199 comments)

Review №1


Bakery department is very understaffed and slow. They didn’t have my order that I placed a week prior, and when I asked for another cake she seemed very busy and upset. Another customer came up behind me and then she took care of her first! I waited for a good 15 minutes. I normally wouldn’t mind but I was ignored and treated rudely.

Review №2


Clean. Most items are in stock. Fast get out of there process.. thats important to me and you. Nobody likes lines. But its always been pretty quick. Thats awesome.

Review №3


Amazing!!! Im gluten free and sugar free and they have lots of keto/gluten free options which Im very happy about. Great produce. Its more speedy than walmart but you get more options on health foods so it works.

Review №4


Not enough cashiers. Older people will never give into using self checkout! Any store that operates on making it hard on senior citizens or anyone else by limited employee cashiers or no cashiers at all will loose my business. On an other issue why does Giant eagle feel the need to change the merchandise around all the time? Makes it difficult to locate items. Dont give me the catch phrases of doing this to make a better shopping experience. That is insulting.

Review №5


The kids that collect shopping carts were very rude! Youre self checkout attendant doesnt acknowledge customers. I understand everybody is short-staffed but you still need to be a pleasant person

Review №6


I buy the giant eagle thin sliced chicken breast.I bought it on the 18th of February and it says it’s good till the 26th of February. When I got home both packs were frozen in the center. If you look online thawed chicken is only good for two days in the fridge 🤦‍♂️

Review №7


Absolutely wonderful staff. Everyone is so nice. Don’t understand all of these negative reviews. If ur waiting in line too long, it’s not the pharmacies fault. They have to run certain checks before handing them out. The drive through is just for convenience, it’s gonna take the same time as it would if you went inside. It’s not like ordering a burger at McDonald’s. Lol and some of you act like you’ve never had a shot before. Yes they have to stick the needle in ur arm. Yes it may get bruised and hurt. It’s not their fault ur body reacts differently to the vaccine.

Review №8


Very easy, great location to get your local needs! Staff & greetor very helpful. Thanks for your business and following Covid guidelines.

Review №9


I recently tried curbside shopping and it was wonderful everyone was very helpful especially Donavan who ran around the store taking pics of products for me to see, great customer service!!!! When I regularly shop inside everyone is very helpful!

Review №10


They keep changing the store around modernizing it seems to be working its easier to find things now and prices are competitive people willing to help you good staff good deals

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