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First of all, I am glad the current administration decided to deep six the upcoming complete ban in incandescent bulbs. Now we are free to purchase them again.Now to the issue at hand. I purchased a 4-pack of your GE 100 W bulbs awhile back to use for replacements. The other day I had to replace a bulb so took one out of the 4-pack and tried to install it. While screwing it in it felt funny and didnt want to screw in all the way. One does not want to over-tighten a bulb so I got it as snug as I could and stopped. When I turned on the switch, nothing. I tried re-screwing it in a couple of times again with the same result. The filament seemed to be intact and everything else looked OK, so I tried another bulb and it screwed in normally and worked when I flipped the switch. Here is my point, the quality control at these overseas factories just doesnt cut it. I have seen this time and time again with a myriad of various products I have purchased over the years that have overseas manufacturers. Either get the quality control up to snuff, or better yet, bring the manufacturing back to America.

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I have about 5 strings of GE lighted Ice Globe Christmas Tree Lights, each with 10 Lights on a string, and three of those Christmas Tree Light sets date back to 1960,and 1963 respectively. And they all work beautifully! All in their original GE boxes! They have been well taken care of and will continue to be treasured for decades to come! I was blessed to inherit those beautiful lights from my wonderful Grandparents! I am 50 yrs. of age,and I remember these very Christmas Tree Lights that adorned their Christmas trees while I was a child growing up in beautiful Wisconsin! I want to thank General Electric For making,and continuing to help make our past,present and future Christmases very special! Thanks again! John

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Dont believe a word of their stated bulb life expectancy!Ive just replaced a GE 20W E27 ES after exactly 3 years when on the box it says 6 years - also it is a lamp that isnt used much.

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False Advertisement

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Holiday Christmas lights

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