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3.8 (67 comments)

Review β„–1


This Speedway store has to be one of their worst stores in whole country. Theres always someone there begging for money, and then if you dont they wanna threaten to beat you up because you dont any extra cash for them smh. 🀯 They only have one person at a register no matter if its 7 AM. Before people have to go to work, and are in a hurry, or if its 5 PM. And you just wanna go home. But what ever you do, do not go there after 9 at night, because they shut down the inside, and you have to stand outside in all types of weather and worst of all, with every kind of degenerate known to mankind, and youll be lucky to get outta there alive. But in all of the shittyness theres one bright spot. The poor manager girl that does everything in her power to at least to make this place some type of running store. So good luck getting in and out alive. But my suggestion is to just stay away if at all possible.

Review β„–2


Great clean experience howd everything I needed no long line no wait nothing was a great all-around experience

Review β„–3


Louis g (the 3rd shift guy) very rude and try’s to steal from customers!! He said pumps were down after I paid for gas and then refused to give me a refund and yelled at me to leave when asking for manager threw a card at me said call corporate. Then charged at me since I refused to leave as if he was gonna hit me so unacceptable poor customer service if I can sue I will because I actually have video footage!!!!

Review β„–4


I get gas here in the early morning before work. I dont think I have ever gone inside, but its always open and never busy when I go there.

Review β„–5


Most discussing Speedway I ever been in. Majority of the employees are rude. There is only one person that works there that always keeps fresh food and food areas cleaned. Kudos to her. She should be the general manager here.

Review β„–6


Inside closed what’s the reason no one knows lazy employees.

Review β„–7


Not sure how to rate a gas station. They were not very busy and they were priced competitively. Ill go here again if Im in the area and need gas.

Review β„–8


Super busy all the time they are by a few major highways so, that is probably why. Its also a gas station with the normal items to grab quickly and lunch and early dinner grill, like hot dogs, sausages and pizza. They close the main doors and you order from a outside window. They have all kinds of coffee and lots of goodies to put in it.

Review β„–9


This place used to be decent but it’s terrible now. Very dirty and gross. No bathroom.

Review β„–10


Theres nothing good about this store! I think I interrupted the cashier trying to hang herself...

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