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4.6 (199 comments)

Review №1


Very nice store to go to! Gluten free baked goods and organics. Beef, bison, elk and venison meats. Nice produce section and a really nice bulk to bag section. Its nice to have abulk section since whole foods shut theirs off. The supplement and protein sections are stocked and has Now Foods, my favorite brand. They even have nice kemchi with beets as well. Enjoy purusing everyone.

Review №2


I love this store. They have great fresh produce and fruits. Lot of goods with limited selections. This store always been clean and the staff are very friendly. They make sure that you get what you are looking for.

Review №3


The store is clean and organized. However, customer service is very important to me. All the cashiers should greet the customers as they go through the line. That was the first thing that I was taught when I worked as a cashier. It is imperative that the employees working as csshiers greet the customers.

Review №4


I live in Blacklick. Visiting a relative at Vista Apartments in Gahanna, Oh. This store is around the corner. This was my second time visiting the store. Picked up a view things. (FYI- Nigerian- IGBO American Male, Post graduate degree, 6 figure income)Went to count register. There were items already on the counter being rung up. Apparently the person in front of me went to get a few more items and was on her way back.Stood in the line and waited for 5 - 10 mins. Employees were not very friendly. Did not say a word. This was the second time I was at the store. My other experience at the store there were 20 something employees talking about customers at the store. IMHO Didnt get a good vibe. Next time Krogers or Giant Eagle.

Review №5


Store is clean, the staff friendly and helpful. The best part is the great quality of meat, fish and protein; it cant be beat. Wonderful selection of organic products. So if youre gluten free, or vegan, this is the store you need to shop in.

Review №6


Fresh Thyme is awesome and typically there are helpful people every where. There seemed to be hardly any staff in the entire market. FT has a lot of cool things, however at this point be prepared to walk around and hope to find it. Best sections are produce and fresh squeezed juice. If there is a shopping guide of any kind it would help.

Review №7


Super clean and friendly location the produce is pretty good, as is the meat counter. However, I would say that the overall selection of items is on the smaller side, as it is a smaller footprint than other chains.

Review №8


I love the items in the store. The meats are always so fresh I love the prices as well compared to Whole Foods. I dont know who thinks Whole Foods is cheaper its much more expensive than fresh thyme. And unfortunately my local health food store where I like to get my vitamins to support local business cost more the FreshThyme so I switch to buying certain supplements from here. The reason for my three star and not five star review is because of the advertising issues Ive run into. The most recent advertising issue was last week with the sushi. Incident: I went on a Sunday and there was a sign that says $5 Sushi every Thursdays. So I decided that on Thursday that same week, I would get sushi for dinner for me and my two kids. Well on Thursday, the $5 sign was replaced with a 20% off sign. I complained to the manager he said that the ads change on Wednesdays. I suggested to him then on Sunday there shouldnt have been a sign up that said ($5 every Thursday). The manager really had no explanation. He did tell me that the 20% was all week and that they do make more of the expensive sushi, so there still was no way to get sushi at the $5 each as I planned for. And guess what, he didnt honor the price that they had advertised on the sign (the price that draws customers in). What an inconvenience. Thank goodness for the ability to leave reviews to save someone else the trouble. In hindsight I think they left the sign up to purposely bait and switch. Otherwise good items with decent prices.

Review №9


Not the same (as great) since Covid, but a solid small grocery chain. Used to be my go to produce deal place, but deals are harder to come by now. Still very competitively priced and source from Midwest when possible.Friendly staff and generally clean.

Review №10


Purchased 1 item & after leaving noticed on my receipt that cashier charged me twice for tax.

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