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Total reviews rating 4.4

36 Reviews for Float the River 2023:

Review №1


This is worth the hour drive from the west side. The river is MUCH shallower than any tubing I’ve been to. They did not have enough chains for us to clip together which did suck. Everyone was respectful of space. Bring your own clips to keep you together while you float!

Review №2


Float the river is so much fun!! It’s beautiful and relaxing! A great way to get out and enjoy nature! The staff is so friendly and so helpful! I highly recommend doing this if you’re in the area you’ll be more than satisfied!! Can’t wait to visit Cuyahoga falls and do it again!!!

Review №3


There were 0 covid safe procedures in place. No asking people to wear masks and all the windows on the bus were shut. Buses were completely full. It would great but its just not ok to be so careless.

Review №4


3rd year! Its now an ohio summer tradition. Thank you for providing such a fun thing to do!!

Review №5


Great time. It takes about 1.5 hours +/- 15 minutes. The Float-the-riverians are super great. They are very chill and helpful. They explain everything you need to know and are they to help you if you need it. They drive you to the river and pick you up at the end and drive you back to your car. There is free parking too. They provide the tubes/ kayaks and life vests if you feel the need. Fun time. Go enjoy nature! Family friendly.

Review №6


They canceled our trip an hour before we were to float the river and would not refund my money. They offered to allow us to come again however it was our family reunion and people were coming in from various states and were only able to do it that day. Basically they stole our money. They were not out any expense since they canceled. Be aware!

Review №7


Don’t book with this business!!!! They cancelled our trip inside of 2 hours of our reserved time. We were actually there and didn’t know because there was no phone call. Only an email. Cancelled because river was too high. That’s fine but they refused to refund our money and offered voucher for the future. Problem is that we had 10 people, 8 of which were from other states so a voucher wouldn’t work for us. They basically stole money from us. They charged us without providing the service. They didn’t operate that day. So refunding our money would not have put them back at all. They stole our money. DO NOT BOOK WITH THEM

Review №8


Such a great and fun experience! We truly enjoyed the relaxing and gorgeous views while drifting down the river. Owners and workers were all so nice and friendly.Would highly recommend!

Review №9


Disappointing! We had a big family reunion and paid online ahead time. When we got to Float the River they said the water was too high. They said we got an email which we did but it was sent an hour prior to the reservation and from a random persons name. We asked for a refund because everyone was from out of state. We were told no because of a “no return” policy. They said we could return for up to a year but only some of the family live in Ohio and will be impossible to get together again in time. It feels like this company stole from us since it didn’t cost them anything to not allow us to float.

Review №10


I would give this five stars however ALL the carabeaners were broken and the ropes were frayed or non existent. We got screamed at to hurry up while we desperately searched fruitlessly for a tube that was usable. We wanted to find one that we could all connect together, all while being rushed from 2 people in their lawn chairs. While we fumbled by the shore, untying broken twine and rigging random buckles, no one offered to help, instead rushed us along. We instead had to grab tubes with deflated, horribly muddy backs and hope for the best. For $20 plus fees, it wouldnt be hard to buy new carabeaners.