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4.7 (53 comments)

Review №1


We hired Elegant Ice Creations, for our wedding event that took place at Gervasi Vineyard November 20, 2021. The process was fairly easy and booking the sculpture we wanted. The sculpture arrived on time and it was very beautiful in person. My only complaint would be the lack of communication via email and having a hard time getting through on the phone. Thankfully they have an emergency number listed as I did not hear anything leading up to my event. I called the number since I had a hard time reaching through to them and I do not live in the area to stop in. The man was very helpful and assuring me that we were on their delivery schedule. Besides the communication cons, I would recommend.Photo Credit: Sabrina Hall Photography

Review №2


Great experience from start to finish! My sculpture was just what I needed to take my event up a notch. Definitely a conversation piece .I will definitely use Elegant Ice Creations for future events.

Review №3


Went to the Ice Sculpture display. Not a bad wait in line. Well worth it.Wouldve liked a little information about the artists.

Review №4


Placed sculpture on uneven ground at festival and broke on first day due to this negligence. Would not return calls or emails about the situation. Took advantage of a family business trying to support a local event. Would not recommend working with this company.

Review №5


Amazing show! So much more ice than we expected! The wait is worth it!!! Made us happy to know how much my neighbors were enjoying the show too!!! I have waited in longer lines for a lot less- highly recommend this beautiful display of art!!! Thank you for providing an uplifting show for my family to enjoy

Review №6


I have seen so many of their amazing creations in person and they are amazing!!! Such a great and friendly crew with awesome talent! If you need an ice sculpture of any kind this would be the team to get it done. Their ice luge options are fun and reasonably priced for any upcoming party you may have. Would highly recommend.

Review №7


When you have to a think outside the block due to a pandemic and a very strange year, the carvings are beautiful, very talented artist’s at elegant ice! Great idea and good concept! They did experience much longer lines at the drive thru ice event than expected. People stopping to photograph each sculpture created a snowball effect causing a backup and waiting times it reminded me of waiting in line at Disney.I would of love to see the flame thrower or the dancing fire person even some glow in the dark paint signs ! I am certain with all the constructive criticism, Elegant Ice will make adjustments and tweak the Process so make sure to check out the next one at the end of the month!

Review №8


Nice show. There were lots of sculptures to view. The course was the parking lot around a low-rise office building. The finale (i.e. the fourth side of the building) was a little disappointing as many of the sculptures were sponsors logos. I understand they have to pay the bills, but it wasnt the most impressive finish.

Review №9


The ice carvings were just awesome! The team was great! And we finally had the right weather for it this year. This is a must see! Next is the Medina Ice Festival and we can wait for the sculptures that Aaron and his team will come up with. Elegant Ice is just that, Elegant!

Review №10


Went to see the the drive thru ice sculptures in Broadview Heights last night. We waited in line for 3 hours! Once you are in line there is no turning back. You are directed past the entrance to the back of the industrial park, taken around a dirt parking lot, then back into the line, where you finally get to go in to see the ice sculptures. Elegant Ice Creations are overcharging people and totally taking advantage the pandemic by charging $30 a car.The ice sculptures are beautifully sculpted with intricate details, but $30 a car and a 3 hour wait is ridiculous.

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