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4.6 (58 comments)

Review №1


Wonderful store for long hours of browsing. Excellent selection of a number of different genres. Store has a definite cozy feel to it. Staff was very friendly and courteous. Its become by go to store when in town to make my way to. Exactly what you want in a bookstore.

Review №2


Old, smells like old books, great deals on used books. Rather comprehensive selection of many classic titles. I stepping back in time of sorts.Rows and rows of books with shelving that is rather hobbled together with angle iron and brace supports.

Review №3


Cincinnati only had two remaining long established used bookstores with a depth of community history. Duttenhofers and Ohio Books. Both are my favorites, each has different strengths.Duttenhofers cant be described though, it has to be experienced. By long drifty browsing sessions. Entering it is like entering a pocket dimension outside of conventional space and time. The current owners continue Russ legacy, and have improved many thing in the store, but it remains very much the bookstore I first walked into practically in my teens, almost 30 years ago.Its magical. They have a bit of everything from ephemera to pulp novels to rare antiquarian volumes. May Duttenhofers last another 50 years! When so many other things change for the worse, at least this bookshop remains a legacy and a vital resource to Cincinnati and UC area readers that it always has been.

Review №4


Antiquarian books and free bookmarks! Rare finds and quiet environment What more can I say! A bibliophiles dream!Still just as overwhelming and atmospherically pleasing as the first time. Another customer agreed with this sentiment so much that they said if aloud. I always love going to this book store and exploring new worlds.

Review №5


A great and eclectic spot for any, and all, book lovers! The store was packed with thousands (if not tens of thousands) of volumes to select from. I picked up a book titled Freud for the Jung. It is a humorous look at a fictitious therapy session utilizing the psychoanalytical techniques of the two famed (and oft decried) psychologists.

Review №6


The smell of old books always brings me a sense a peace. They had a great selection but the person working there wasnt able to give much direction and seemed more concerned about what he was reading, which I as an avid reader can understand to a certain extent. Was able to find two books I was interested in for just $10!

Review №7


Love walking into this jam packed bookstore and smelling that used book smell!

Review №8


If you like Highlands Coffee House, youll like the vibes here too. Walk in and loose track of time (which is a cultural construct anyway?). Check out the books from long ago, the rare books, or the free books they leave out front. I found a decent poetry book in that free box!The world needs more places like Duttenhofers... Too much cookie cutter houses, stores, people... Thanks for being authentic and offering great words!

Review №9


This is a cool place. No nonsense no extras just books. I dont think everyone would like it but it has a certain style to it. Also its fairly small because of the location so it wont have a ton of books to choose from.

Review №10


I am a book nut, but this place wasnt for me. stacks too close and not much of a selection of current stuff. if you like non fiction, seemed they had a huge selection and many catagories. just not enough modern fiction for me.

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