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  • Tuesday:8AM–10PM
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  • Sunday:9AM–8PM
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4.4 (134 comments)

Review №1


Friendly, helpful staff and plenty of great selection! I can get everything from birthday cards, to craft supplies, to fruit Popsicles and more!

Review №2


Unfortunately, $ tree is now $1.25 tree. We do have to pay for higher wages.... some really neat things tho

Review №3


Always good affordable finds and polite staff, except that one lady....but shes elderly and works on her feet at dollar tree, full pardon

Review №4


Was crowded and shelves almost empty of food,and cleaning idems.Clerks were trying to keep registers open and stock shelves, but 2 clerks/ stockets cant keep up with some rude customers. Need more than 2 people working.

Review №5


Friendly staff and some really good deals.

Review №6


I love this location. This time around the store was lower on items and what happened to the music they used to play? Understaffed workers were polite and working to check out customers and stock items.

Review №7


Ok, so for the price ($1), you can really get some decent items. I usually pick up Alkaline batteries, dark chocolate lol, toothpaste and house cleaners.You can get Birthday cards, small kids toys and art/crafts. Utensils for the kitchen and a variety of food products.Our store in Mount Vernon is a smaller store compared to a city store.

Review №8


Store looked really nice and I found some really nice things I wasnt able to find in some of the smaller stores. Most of the employees were nice and helpful. I guess having more than a few items for Lindas line was a bit upsetting since she was completely rude and nasty to me and seemed to go extra slow - forcing several other customers to go to the next line. But overall, a good experience and nice store. I would go again - just not in Lindas line

Review №9


Everythings a dollar!Whats not to like?Beyond that -Great customer service, cashiers are always very friendly and talkative.The store is always stocked very well, not a ton of out of stocks, at all.More importantly and one of the bigger issues Ive noted almost universally in any dollar type stores is a lack of clensiness and stock all over. Thats not the case here, stocking is done efficiently and effectively without becoming a burden and obstacle course for the customers and the store has always been really clean!This is probably the best dollar store (thats dollar general, family dollar, dollar trees) that Ive ever been in.Also, a perk on Coshocton Ave that not all places has... a light, so the horrendous traffic pattern isnt a problem either which way youre coming or going. Great location.

Review №10


My wife loves shopping here! She finds lots of nice things for her students!

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