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Phone: +1 833-957-4139
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  • Monday:10AM–6PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–6PM
  • Wednesday:10AM–6PM
  • Thursday:10AM–6PM
  • Friday:10AM–6PM
  • Saturday:Closed
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Total reviews rating 3.8

21 Reviews for Crystal Lake 2023:

Review №1


Dennis does a great job here and helped fix my problems. Hard worker greatly appreciate his and Rhonda’s help!

Review №2


Ive lived here for five years now...Very auesome wonderful people!!! Something is broke Dennis and his crew take care of it immediately!!! Rohnda is a very wonderful lady!!! Very helpful!!! These apartments are pretty nice too its pretty quite and peacful here a safe friendly place!!!!! Love the lake view its beautiful!!!

Review №3


Rhonda was very helpful and informative with the moving process. Staff are friendly and respond to concerns in a timely manner. Great environment.

Review №4


If I had bad experiences I wouldn’t renew my lease every year. Maintenance issues get addressed promptly. I feel comfortable and safe living here.

Review №5


This is the best place to live in the area. The apartments are very nice, the grounds are well kept and the staff are like family. Ive been here for 5 years and plan on being here for many more.

Review №6


I have resided here since the spring of 2018. Living on my own with three boys since my divorce absolutely terrified me...and from the moment of me signing my lease, I was immediately at ease. Rhonda is more than a manager, always talks to my boys as if they are her own and consistently checks on me, shes an amazing woman. Tommy and Dennis are absolutely fantastic, I always have felt safe with them being here; not only do they check on me from time to time, they will take the time to stop what they are doing to see what I need and how Im doing outside of their job. This place is absolutely fantastic and Im treated like family. I love you Rhonda, Tommy, and Dennis!

Review №7


My overall review: I would prefer this place over most places in Newark. here’s why... (2nd Story Resident)Pros:The air conditioners are located in the bedroom. At first, I was unsure about that, and wished it would be in the living room. After a while I realized I appreciate it being in the bedroom more since it helps with sleeping, and you can just put a fan at the entrance of the room, to the living room. Easy.Maintenance is on point. The first day I resided here, yes, there were some issues with the sinks etc, but they were here as soon as possible (sometimes that very day or within 1-2 days), to replace or fix whatever was broken. I always feel safe and comfortable around them as well, they’re very kind. I have always received notice about work that needs to be done as well.Staff members are great, especially Rhonda. She is very kind and does her best to help. She treated me and my husband like family when I moved in here for the first time, and she has always expressed sympathy over matters that are of concern regarding maintenance. She’s a sweetheart.Very beautiful location. I love having a lake nearby, and there are trees everywhere. It feels very nice when I look out our window. Not loud with little ruckus outside.Cons:Sometimes, staff will let calls go to voicemail too often. This is probably due to the fact that staff is showing potential tenants other flats. There have been occasions, however, where a couple of my calls have not been returned. Upon moving into this complex, it took quite a bit of calls to get in touch with anyone regarding my desire to move in. Keep trying.The electric bill gets pretty high in the winter, I had our heater on for 3 days, 4 hours out of the week, and the electric bill went from 80 to 200 each month during Jan-Feb. I would recommend getting a space heater, much more effective. Also wearing warm clothing is helpful if you’re on a budget.There were several car break-ins in the area – including my car, but this is not necessarily the complex’s fault. I also had my bike stolen off the 2nd story deck, so make sure you secure your belongings just in case. The area overall is quite nice, there are just some bad people in the world that want to cause harm for selfish reasons.In the summer, it can get a little hot, but the air conditioner reaches most areas if you have a fan to push the cool air out.There is a slight mold issue in this complex, (I hear it’s especially bad on the 1st floor). Without proper ventilation, mold originates especially in the shower, and weekly cleanings can still carry the risk of excessive mold. I find I’m cleaning our bathroom (scrubbing with Clorox and other brands) weekly, or bi-weekly, to find that in the crevices of the shower is a build-up of black mold. You can get it out by using a detachable shower head to jet-spray it out, but it’s still a reoccurring issue since it’s such a poorly ventilated bathroom. The fans don’t really help with the moisture. It’s livable though, and as long as you’re keeping up with cleaning it should be fine, but I have had issues with mold spots on the walls as well.Laundry Facilities – Sometimes, they don’t work, and you will spend $1.50 or so to dry your clothing to find out it just tossed them around, and they’re still wet. Washers will sometimes break too, and you’ll load it all up and start it, come back, and nothings changed. It’s important to report this stuff to the staff, but I still haven’t received my refund for multiple broken loads – even when I was told I would. It’s been about a month or more now (probably longer at this point or I would change the review here).Raised rent – This isn’t a new thing, but I just wanted people to be aware that the rent does increase sometimes by $20 each year you take on a new lease.This is my honest and unbiased opinion of this complex. It is overall a good start, or a place to be temporarily. There have been trials but I’m thankful regardless, but Im glad i chose this place over many others in Newark.

Review №8


I currently live here. The apartment itself is nice and the location is convenient. As for management. I’m not crazy about it. Takes a thousand calls to get anyone, if you leave a voicemail it’s NEVER returned. Seems to ALWAYS have an attitude, never friendly besides when your debating on living here. Maintenance is always pretty good about it if you get ahold of someone to put a work order in. The neighbors are nosy. Can’t sit on back patio when it rains because above apartments patio has holes so it just drips down to the one below. Parking at night is scarce. It’s honestly just a shame because he apartments are nice.

Review №9


Pros - The area is a decent area, surrounding neighboor hood is nice. The location is somewhat convient to common areas of interest. Depending on your apartment the view can be nice (Im 3rd floor overlooking the lake). The rent isnt too high for what you can get (again overlooking the lake). The groundskeeping, maintenance and Landscapers do a great job and work in a timely manor.Cons - Some neighbors within apartment complex are shady, dont follow the rules and arent considerate of other residents (leaving dogs chained outside to bark, slamming doors after 10pm, and inviting excessive guests over). There is a visitor parking lot, but is too far away for most apartments so the parking lot gets full of non-resident vehicles. Parking is already very limited so when there are too many multicar residents living in proximately, its a battle to get spaces close to the apartment. The washer and dryers are a little old and cost $1.50 a load. In the 2 years of living here, weve seen a total of 3 different landlords.Its good for a first apartment when moving out on your own, but for long term its not the best. If you like your privacy or your peace and quite then its not the place as well. Its not so much the complex itself but some of the tenants that live here and the unofficial tenants that end up staying here. Two of my neighbors have extra people staying and divide their living rooms up to make an extra room. Making parking a FFA fight, which sucks living on the 3rd floor and having multiple things to carry to and from the vehicle. I would post 5 stars if it werent for the other tenants.

Review №10


This has to be the worst place I have EVER lived, management is horrible and maintenance is horrible it takes them months to do a repair, I’m paying for an upgraded apartment that is not upgraded except for new carpet, I had waited so long for them to come out and repair the electrical outlets in my apartment and it took them 5 months which I had already done myself, the electrical outlets fried my expensive phone which they won’t replace and they also won’t reimburse me for the repairs that I made that wasn’t my job. Horrible insulation and only one AC in the apartment that’s in the bedroom and it’s hard to cool down the whole apartment. Also the catch is after you live here for one year they jack your prices all the way up can’t wait to move.

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