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Phone: +1 419-214-1560
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  • Monday:8AM–6PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–6PM
  • Wednesday:8AM–6PM
  • Thursday:8AM–6PM
  • Friday:Closed
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Total reviews rating 4.7

199 Reviews for Community Pet Care Clinic 2023:

Review №1


If youre willing to wait a month for an appointment and nearly 2 months for a spay/neuter, the time is worth it. Pricing is much better than local options and the vet tech was great with my reactive german shepherd. The staff made arrangements so my dog would not see other dogs during her vet visit. She was also placed in a separate room before and after her spay. A 3 or 10 day checkup was not offered which is a bit disappointing, but my dogs incision is healing well. Thankful for these organizations.I will say the lab which this business sends samples too is ugly when it comes to pricing, nearly $200 to have a sample sent. Thats a bit steep.

Review №2


We love taking all our pets here! The vet and technicians really care and get right down to your pets level! Very comforting and less scary than being put up on a metal table! And it is so fresh and clean!!

Review №3


They’re fine for basic services, like rabies shots, etc. But other than that, you would be wise to steer clear. Our dog had a cut in his paw pad that needed stitches ($320+). They put him under, performed the operation, and we got him back. After a few days, they said we could remove the bandaging, and when we did, it appeared the stitches either fell out because they were put in poorly, or never put in at all. When I asked them about it, they just said they could wrap it up, for another $78. They were not upfront that this was a risk and even tried to blame it on us not being careful enough. Please avoid for your pets’ sake.Edit to respond to the owners’ reply: My wife and I made sure my dog did not run or chew on his foot at all. He literally only lounged around and we know, because were never not with him. So blaming the dog for sub-par work is gross. Also, I specifically mentioned over the phone that the cost was a lot, and that the additional $78 was a lot to add on top. They said I could get some solution to put on the paw myself, but they never mentioned a budget option. It appears to be something they do only to save face on a public negative review. I have no interest in going back there. I have nothing against them personally, I only want other people to have a more fully formed opinion before deciding where to take their pet. I hope everyone else has five star visits. Mine was not. So keep that in mind. Also worth noting, my negative review prompted a faster response than my phone calls, voicemail, and email to get my dog in when his cut first happened and needed attention quickly.

Review №4


Everyone working here was very nice, professional and knowledgeable. They took care of us promptly and caring of our dog. Definitely recommend them

Review №5


This clinic has gone downhill. We waited well over a month for our appointment and showed up on time. They put us in an exam room and left us waiting for over an hour with a nervous, stressed, panting pet. The vet tech flitted in and out of the exam room 3 times in that hour & 20 mins - clearly making appearances to stall. The vet (Avery?) finally walked in for 3 to 4 mins, tops. Seemed like she was expecting applause when she came in. She stared blankly at us, showed zero empathy or concern for our pet. It was odd. Also strangely, the vet tech walked out of the exam room right when the vet came in so we (the clients) had to restrain our own pet for the vaccinations and blood draw, instead of the tech assisting the vet. As we were paying, the tech said, oh we forgot to administer one of the meds we charged you for, hold on. If she hadnt caught it, we wouldve paid for it anyway. The prices have gone up too. This used to be the best priced clinic in the Toledo area but now theyre on par with everywhere else. We paid over $200 for an 80 minute appt that shouldve taken 20-30 mins, max. Inconsiderate of clients time and inconsiderate of pets comfort & stress levels. This vet clinic used to be amazing a few years ago but those vets are long gone so we wont be going back. Disappointing.

Review №6


I brought my cat here for spay surgery. The staff was wonderful and caring. They called me to update when she was out of surgery, and called the next day to check up on her.

Review №7


Took my Kosmo there after he got a bone stuck in his throat. The vet and techs were super nice and compassionate. They were very honest with me and gave me pricing for every thing they were explaining. I had to put him to sleep. They made a very difficult decision a lil easier with the compassion they showed. They also let me make payments as I only had enough for the exam. After I received a card in the mail and the vet and tech that took care of my Kosmo signed it along with the staff. It really made me feel good. I will definitely bring any future fur babies there. Highly recommend. Pricing was affordable even on a disability check budget. When I picked up his ashes they came in a beautiful pine box with a certificate of cremation and other items.

Review №8


I was disappointed with the care my 11 year old dog was receiving from his former Vet (of 11 years) and my neighbor told me about Community Pet Care. I decided to take a chance and switch my vet (although it was scary to change) and that is the BEST thing I ever couldve done for my dog! I was looking for a place that would show compassion to my dog and make me feel like I was being heard about my concerns as my dog is older and more issues are likely to arise. Community Pet Care is NOT looking to make money by scheduling a bunch of appointments to make money off of us. They TRULY take the time to listen to any of your concerns.They explain in detail what they think the problem is and guide you through the care needed. They are there for you by shooting a quick text, phone call or an appointment (if necessary) and their prices are reasonable. The ENTIRE staff is amazing! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND them!

Review №9


We just had our beloved cat, Missy, whom I affectionately referred to as Mr Moo, put to sleep March 23. They were so kind and caring as to get her in right away. She was suffering from what was most likely a cancerous tumor and they gave us all the options on what we could do. It was unfortunately time to let her go and they allowed us to make payments even though we couldn’t afford the service outright. I’ll be forever grateful as we had previously tried to ease her pain at a different vet but they refused to work with us. Letting her go was very painful but they made the process easier so thank you. Dr Quinn is wonderful and we appreciate her and the others over her.

Review №10


Excellent friendly staff all around! Reasonable prices! They go the extra mile to show care for your pet. Ive never been to a vets office that Ive come home raving about! This was our first visit and weve just found our new vet!!