Community Grounds Coffee & Meeting House in Columbus


Phone: +1 614-826-1026
Opening hours
  • Monday:6AM–4PM
  • Tuesday:6AM–4PM
  • Wednesday:6AM–4PM
  • Thursday:6AM–4PM
  • Friday:6AM–4PM
  • Saturday:8AM–6PM
  • Sunday:8AM–6PM
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4.8 (121 comments)

Review №1


Came here for the first time after hearing about the latte flight. The in house flavors are so unique and we loved each one we tried! The people are super nice here and theres tons of interesting items in the gift shop.

Review №2


LOVE this place!! The chai is so amazing, and they have vegan soft serve! Not to mention lots of other vegan options. I cant wait to come back, I just got a drink to go but looks like they have lots of seating and like it would be a great place to get some work done!

Review №3


Nothing beats a chai tea with a double shot of espresso on a rainy morning. They have tons of board games. This place is perfect if you want to have a cup of coffee or tea with friends over a board game and small talk.

Review №4


Great little shop with a ton of coffee and snack options. Their featured vegan soft serve ice cream of the week is nice, but only served on certain days and times of year. But when it is available, its freaking wonderful!The staff is always friendly and the food is splendid.

Review №5


Community Grounds is just the best. The coffee and pastries are delicious, and there is also dope art, gifts, crafts, and zines! I like to come by for coffee before work. Recently my mother was in town and after 16 years of coming up with fresh ideas to entertain my parents in Columbus (I have taken them everywhere at this point) I brought mom to Community Grounds. She became your biggest fan, insisting we always get our coffee here when she is in town.

Review №6


Absolutely lovely inclusive and community oriented coffee shop. Delicious coffee, vegan soft-serve, and vegan snacks. I love dropping by for coffee, or hanging out in the comfortable atmosphere. They also have local art, books, etc. for purchase. I cant say enough good about them!

Review №7


Ive always been satisfied coming here, and Im glad they appear to be doing well. There are several cafes in the area and each has something to offer, but Community Grounds is by far my favorite. Good prices, tasty drinks, and great bagels and treats is what they offer, and thats all Im looking for.I was particularly moved to reviews them today after ordering an incredibly delicious calzone! Like really, really, good, the best Ive had in Columbus. It had great dough, it was fluffy, but with a bit of texture. Filled with cheese, some spinach, and beyond sausage. Juicy, chewy, flavorful, just amazingly good. Ive spent most of my life in a land of great pizza and Italian food, and this is right up there. I ate mine as a hand pie, rookie mistake. Be civilized and use a knife and fork, I lost some of the delicious sauce, and you wont want to do that. Pair with a drink and one of the prepared salads they typically have and you have a delicious, well balanced lunch.I understand the owners have a restaurant in Hilliard which is where these calzones are made fresh. Im heading out there at my earliest convenience to enjoy the bigger menu.

Review №8


Community Grounds is such a bright and welcoming place! I got a tiramisu(!!) flavored latte and one of their scones and they were 👩‍🍳💋so good. great place to meet with friends and get work done.

Review №9


This is going to be a long review, but it’s worth it, just bear with me!I grew up in Columbus but spent most of my young adulthood in Cincinnati before moving back here 3 years ago. Columbus didn’t feel like home for most of those 3 years until we started coming to Community Grounds. The owners are incredibly welcoming, the baristas all feel like friends, and with all of their inclusivity, we’ve finally felt like we’re putting down roots after three years back in my own hometown. Columbus doesn’t always have the most welcoming face, but if you’re looking for one, it’s on Parsons!The importance of a Good Coffee Shop can’t be overstated. It needs to be a place that’s welcoming for hours of work or socialization or those days when you need to ignore your gluten intolerance to order 4 calzones and cry in the corner for an hour. It needs to have good food and good drinks and options for people with dietary preferences. It needs to have baristas who were not once part of my college’s Socialist Alternative who then became weird bullies. Community Grounds checks all of those boxes and more!As an immunocompromised person, Community Grounds is also the only place I feel safe going over two years into the pandemic. The baristas are always wearing masks and there are multiple areas to sit so I can keep my distance from any plague-spreaders in the area.Thank you, Community Grounds!

Review №10


Full disclosure: I run a nonprofit which partners with Community Grounds. However, this review is fully based on my independent experience as a customer.This is my favorite coffee shop in Columbus! The baristas are always so friendly and will offer their recommendations on drinks if you ask! Honestly, I typically order black coffee because their house blend is a delicious blend of freshly roasted coffee (from Brioso, coincidentally my favorite roaster). But sometimes I cant help but get one of their lattes - all of their syrups are made in house and are wonderful! And dont get me started on the calzones ☺️If youre in the Columbus area, I highly recommend you pay them a visit!

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