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As a business owner and a travel RT I see plenty of hotels, I will highly recommend this hotel to anyone. Rooms are clean, breakfast is great, and staff is extremely friendly! I did see some people complaining about the parking lot, but if you drive slow it is not bad at all, and the parking lot is out of their control (it is the malls). Overall if youre looking for a good place to sleep, come here. They will take great care of you.

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So heres the deal. This is a decent hotel with a nice pool. The rooms are great for the price. It was also only about ten minutes away from the university where our event was. However, the hotel itself is behind an old, halfway abandoned mall. All roads leading in are littered with CAR KILLING POTHOLES! They havent even been touched up with cold pack! The hotel parking lot isnt great either. Wear your glasses, drive on daylight, and pay attention or you WILL mess up your car.Much of the whole area is like this. Its really a bad look for the city. What are their taxes going to? My husband and I grew up poor in Cleveland and the roads there were better. I honestly feel bad for the business owners around here. They need to band together and pitch a fit over this.We traveled here for an eSports tournament at Mt. Union College.

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This place is pretty good. Every room I stayed in was great. They had a decent breakfast. My only grip is the parking lot. Youll have to be very careful coming in and out.

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The road leading up to it is so full of massive potholes (a LOT of them) you feel like youre in a war zone. The front desk people totally could have indulged us (we asked for a room with a large tub - its been done before, easy!) but nope, not them. They just hemmed and hawed through any reason they could find not to accommodate us. Keep your money or go elsewhere. (In all fairness, they do breakfast pretty well.)

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Positive: ....the staff members were all eager to help...the hotel was pretty clean considering the age of the bldg, even the stairwells. The breakfast selection was wonderful..they even had turkey and chicken saugage on the menu.... Negative: This location sets in the rear of a closed down shopping ctr. The parking lots are entirely TOOOOOOO GUTTED-OUT for any kind of wheeled mode of transportation to move around cant maneuver around the HUGE GULLY-HOLES. The entrance is not marked

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I travel for a living. I stay 3 or 4 nights a week in hotels. This Comfort Inn in Alliance, Ohio does not meet the standards of a $100 a night Comfort Inn. A $70 Quality Inn possibly but no more than that. Getting to the property is an adventure in itself. The Parking lot is horrible and floods in a rainstorm, hiding all the potholes. The staff was friendly. Breakfast was good with all the standard Choice property offerings. The accessible room was large but poorly designed and quite a distance from the entrance. Not good for a person who struggles with walking. The accessible bathroom was very nice. The king bed was comfortable. The luggage carts were very old and noisy. There was mold or mildew on the inside of the outside ceiling wall. After 2 calls with the GM Miranda concerning the mold/mildew and the 2(UNAUTHORIZED) temporary authorization charges of $150 by Comfort inn Alliance who told me to contact my bank/credit card company .My credit card company did not run my card 3 times, your hotel staff did. Talk about passing the buck. Very unprofessional Miranda. This property just doesnt do things right. There are plenty of other hotels in Alliance, I strongly suggest staying anywhere else besides this poor excuse for a Comfort Inn in Alliance,Ohio.

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We always enjoy staying at choice hotels if for nothing more than the waffles lol. This stay was an anniversary of sorts and we enjoyed ourselves in a nice jacuzzi room, something we couldnt find anywhere else within 100 miles. Kind and cheerful people, and indoor access to a mall thats mainly empty but has a nice theater and arcade.

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Positive: Pet-friendly was a huge deal for us. Hot breakfast also a plus. Nice pool.Excellent mattress! Negative: The parking left much to be desired!

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A decent motel with large comfortable rooms but needs some refurbishment. Getting a little tired around the edges. The highlight was the small hot and cold breakfast that was pretty good.The worst part was the roadways getting into the motel around a abandoned Penney’s. The roads on both side of the abandoned store looked like a bombing range with massive potholes. If you don’t have a high clearance vehicle you could end up bottoming out as deep as some of them were. See photos of the smaller chuckholes.

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Great until leaving and then, we had other clients that have rooms flipping us off from their windows, when we were playing a game with my 6 year old daughter of can you find out room window.? And as she was looking the ignorant lady and what I’m guessing is her son, Waved and then the mother then turned around and flipped us off…Pretty Disrespectful if you ask me…

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