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Phone: +1 614-224-9101
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Total reviews rating 4.3

26 Reviews for Columbus College of Art & Design 2023:

Review №1


Just had a tour at this place as a potential student with a passion for Ceramics and drawing and I am sorry to say that I am offended. For the cost of this place I was expecting to be blown away, but this place truly only cares about its 2D art and architecture. I was extremely offended to find only one ceramics display, and the ceramics room being mixed together with glassblowing! That is dangerous and unsafe. This place is a joke and I feel bad for any student going there, knowing that there is extremely better places out there! Im giving this place a 2 star review and that is me being generous!

Review №2


If you want to be a concept artist or a character designer, dont go to this school, its a waste of money and time. I graduated from CCAD in 2015, majoring in illustration. The illustration major was the only major offered entertainment design class. But they are not heavily focused on concept art techniques, because these professors are from the comics or illustration field. They dont understand how the concept art industry works, and the industrys standards. Concept art or character design are all done digitally, but I have never seen an illustration teacher do demo paintings on PS. Every time you come to class, you do projects. After the project, there was another project. Theres nothing being taught by the teacher you learned on your own. Also, their illustration teacher doesnt know how to use PS to paint. Most of them come from a traditional painting background, and most of their teaching style are outdated, you ask them how to use the layer options, how to render paintings, how to set up brushes in photoshop, how to do AO style paintings, how to combine 3D models to paintings, they don’t know, Nowadays, 2D artists are required to know how to paint on computer, yet their teacher can teach you that. I should’ve drop out the first month, I was so stupid wasted my money and time to attend this trash school.CCADs basic drawing fundamental class is like a hobby drawing class. Only one teacher can teach and demonstrate, and his name is Gordon Lee, the best anatomy teacher in the entire school. No one else can teach better than him. Most of them are lazy, just standing there walking around, or playing with the computer. The teachers criticism was useless. If the perspective is wrong, the teacher wont fix it, they won’t tell you what you did wrong, If your gesture drawing is not right, they dont point it out, they dont show you the proper techniques to learn it. They just let you find mistakes by yourself. again they don’t correct your mistakes if you do it wrong, this school pretty much accept any students, they don’t care if you improve or not, they just want your moneyIf you want to know what a good art lesson looks like, watch youtube videos. If you want to know how a good art teacher grades a students work, watch Prokos example. Have a good art teacher is very important. But unfortunately CCADs illustration major failed to offer that. Think about how much you paid for their classes and not getting the right informationSo if you are a high school student thinking about doing illustration or concept art, before applying for art schools, do more research on your own before taking 60k+ student loans, because a lot of them are scams, just like this school. There are better and cheaper art lessons out there, and already a lot of well known concept artists out there teaching lessons. You can find their lessons on skill share, gumroad, or youtube. They can teach way better and have more industry experience more digital painting experienced than CCADs professors. Find the art style you like and learn from them. Save your 60K of student loans, spend it somewhere else thats more worth of your time and effort. Again DONT GO TO THIS SCHOOL, IS A WASTE OF MONEY. The way they teach you it’s not gonna get you the job, if you going to this school, your chances of getting into concept art or character design industry is 0%.

Review №3


Graduate in early 00. Great faculty at the time..minus a few antiquated modernists.Otherwise, one of the best private art schools.

Review №4


I was actually going to drop a return a Amazon return and they directed to a lockers of theirs located on campus. Because it was 2 blocks down and 2 blocks over from my piling site, I thought that in addition to a good walk, it would be easy and convenient - it was neither. Amazon needs to pull their locker ASAP and I wouldnt recommend even visiting the campus for any reason.My main phone died as I approached the locker and I was having difficulty accessing service on a secondary phone and as I needed Amazon online, I asked to access their free WIFI which was available (which it is in must educational institutions). When I say asked, I mean walked around for a good 20 minutes, but NO ONE - that included students & coffee concession employee. No one was at either the help desk nor in their security office - where the lockers are located right outside the door.But the most appalling interaction of them all was when I spotted and spoke to an instructor (I assumed, as she was an older woman) and in answer to my query, she proceeded to tell me that they were going to ask Amazon to remove the locker because they were nothing but trouble . And then she just stood there and stared at me.I do not make a bad appearance whenever I go out ; I speak with a proper New England-tinged accent and I believe it was 1pm, Tuesday afternoon but clearly I was judged by the individual as being unfit to access their free WIFI.Because of both my breeding and understanding of human nature, I didnt even both sharing my retort however heres what it would have been (with a smile): oh, dont bother because Im going to contact them and suggest they should remove their locker ASAP because they shouldnt be doing business with you.....

Review №5


Great school, but its very challenging. Most of the bad reviews come from people who dropped out. I would say that as a Graphic designer, the school sets you up to be a professional in business practice and has you work with a lot of real-world clients. Over-all, Great school and program. I would recommend it to anyone who is strong and wants a challenge. You wont sleep when youre here.

Review №6


Loved it. though I am still looking for a job in my field, i feel that I walked away after graduating knowing a LOT more than i thought id ever know. Most of the bad reviews in my opinion are from people who were not ready to commit, or work to learn. I might have had a hard time the first few years, but I greatly enjoyed and appreciated all my professors there. If you are willing to work and study hard, while at the same time have a passion for art, I highly recommend this school.

Review №7


The staff here has been amazing. The facilities are great. If youre considering an art college, schedule a tour and attend the open house. I know you will be impressed. I look forward to my young artist going here. It isnt an inexpensive college, so make sure you look into scholarship programs as well.

Review №8


Great school and a wonderful program from what I learned during my daughters visit. The aesthetics of the campus are beautiful!

Review №9


I attended CCAD for 1 year. While I had As in all of my classes, I was unable to complete my degree due to a schedule conflict that I was told would not be an issue.I work full time during the day. Before enrollment, I explained to Admissions that I can only attend classes at night due to my work schedule. They explained to me that this would not be a problem and I would be able to complete my degree though night classes. After a year (and a whole lot of money!) I was informed that if I wanted to complete my degree that I would have to attend classes during the day as that is the only time core classes are taught.They offered to sign me up for another semester of night classes in hopes something changes in their policy and we can wait and see. I dont know about you, but that is a lot of money for a wait and see. So here I am, $15k later at another school.As far as the classes, half of the classes really worked to teach you something. The other half you would watch a YouTube video and and do an assignment. The teacher was there if you had questions, but would often differ you back to the YouTube video stating I dont know the software that well.And if you do decide that this is the school for you, I recommend you take classes during the day. Night teachers are hard to find it seems so it is not uncommon to see a Pottery teacher teaching the Drawing class.

Review №10


My experience as a student at CCAD was amazing. As an alumni of this college and as a professional working artist, I will always be grateful for the amazing education I received from the Columbus College of Art and Design. I have an awesome career in the arts and I give part of that credit to my college and the intense art program I went through.To the persons review that claims theyll take anyone. Well, most students go to school to learn. A lot of people walk into an art school not knowing what to expect. Thinking art shouldnt be graded is unrealistic-- as an artist your work will be graded your entire life. The idea that art cant be taught is simply not true. Practice makes perfect. Why not learn from someone who has years more experience than you. And learn amongst other students, who will be some of the most talented people youll ever meet. The notion that in the 21st century the self taught artists exist, is just ridiculous. Artists learn from other artists and always have. The difference here is that, if you decide that youre going to go to college for art and earn a degree in that field-- well, expect to be taught! Oh and graded. And guess what, youre going to learn to create art starting from the most basic shapes.The art world is competitive and its tough. If you want to succeed as an artist, you need to work hard and know your field. Attending a college like CCAD is a great place to start. I give a million thanks to the Columbus College of Art and Design for the amazing experience, life long friendships and most of all helping me evolve into a successful work artist.