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2 (35 comments)

Review №1


The City of Cleveland regulary engages in discrimination against its disabled residents/homeowners who are enrolled in cart pull out and return services. They forget to do it, break recepticles, fail to return them to the designated area specified by the resident, leave the lids open in inclement weather, set them directly behind our vehicles, and leave them in the driveway apron to roll out into the street.They have a lengthy application and enrollment process, yet fail to do the job. Since enrollment. I have had to call the head of waste management over 30 times regarding these tactics, yet each week they fail to do their job.They are in direct violation of the ADa Of 1977, and at this point, I will be blasting their behavior on social media, contacting our news media, contacting Mayor Bibb ( as the prior did nothing about it in 5 years), as well as contacting the State Representative and the Councilman.I dont know what its going to take. But thank God for Ring Security so theres no contest!Done

Review №2


Ive never experienced any problems. But I have seen many home owners violating many rules and then later complain about why something was not picked up. If you dont have a pamphlet go online and youll find the rules. These guys work hard doing a job that others would not do. Just follow the rules and youll do fine.

Review №3


Have called 3 times over the past year to request a second waste bin. Each time I’m met with a different answer and attitude . So far I’ve been told “well I can charge you for it, but no one is going to deliver it” “we’re not allowing second bins while the city figures out it’s recycling “ and today “yeah we’re not allowing second bins anymore, it doesn’t matter what the website says”You’ve been throwing peoples recycling in land fills for years, while raising rates and taxes. And now I’m not allowed to have a second bin.. what a joke!

Review №4


Every week when the city of cleveland picks up the garbage they leave specially the black garbage cans in the street. I am handicapped and DO NOT APPRECIATE having to stop my car in the middle of the street to get out and move a garbage can that was on the tree lawn however once emptied it is left 4 to 5 feet in the street so you can not park. Are we paying these people. Are we paying the office people, no one every answers at waste removal always have to leave message and never have gotten a call back. This city is the worst, do these workers have no pride in there city or care for their fellow citizens.

Review №5


Have had issues ever since the first month I moved to the area in 2016. I’ve had to call many times over the years because they were too lazy to take something. They’ve even missed our ENTIRE street before and had to come back after I called. Customer service is almost nonexistent now- there used to be a nice lady who answered and was actually helpful. Last time I called they answered “yeah?” And I wasn’t even sure I had the right number until I confirmed with them- very rude and unprofessional. They also leave the cans in the middle of the driveway and sometimes even out in the street.

Review №6


I have NEVER received any manual on what is considered bulk, recycle, or trash!! I put a huge tv box with styrofoam inside next to the cans on bulk week, they left it turned over with styrofoam falling out. If this company is going to be super picky about EVERYTHING thrown away they should give each house an extra garbage can !!!!! I want 2!!! No charge

Review №7


Today i put out an old matress cause it was bulk day, they didnt take it. I called they said it had to be wrapped in plastic (as if that was good for the environment). So now i have to wait a whole month to get rid of it. Sometimes when i have too much trash i need to store it in the garage for next week cause if it doesnt fit in the container they wont take it. So many rules its impossible to keep track of and if you break a rule you must pay a fine. They are horrible.

Review №8


I requested a new garbage can because mine was damaged. A week passes and nothing happens. Then the next week the garbage people take the broken one but dont leave a new one. Its been 3 weeks now and I have left several messages on the voicemail of this place. You guys never answer. Im about to throw the garbage bags out on the tree lawn. If you ticket me, Im not paying it.

Review №9


The past couple weeks, when they pick up the bin, they knock everything over when they either go to grab it or put it down. Every time I collect my bins, mine and several neighbors have their bins on the floor knocked over.TODAY WAS UNACCEPTABLE.I had put a door that had glass as part of it. And they pushed the door over with the claw and didnt even put it back. I had to clean up all the broken glass in the pouring rain. There are so many people with dogs, children and people riding their bikes. This is highly unprofessional behavior and who ever is operating the claw needs to be retrained or fired. They could seriously injure someone/dogs.

Review №10


Yesterday at approximately 5:45pm, one of your garbage trucks (CITY LICENSE PLATE ending in 2435) on Carnegie Ave. (driving between E. 9th toward E. 18th) not only abruptly cut off my daughter and I who were occupying the lane, but did so without even signaling (illegal lane change). Your driver could have caused an accident that would have significantly impacted my vehicles passenger side (the side my daughter was sitting on). Luckily enough, I was able to veer to the left and avoid the collision. Your unprofessional, risky, rude, and downright arrogant driver had the nerve to sound his horn at ME! I was so upset I was shaking. My daughter was able to get a picture of the driver and of the plate. I also have video footage on my dash cam of the incident. Shortly after, I was able to pass him in another lane where I had to turn left at a light (at E. 22nd). As I was sitting at the light, he caught up to us and laid on his horn AGAIN at us as he sped through the traffic light/intersection. I certainly hope that showing off to his work buddies in the truck with him was worth this negative attention the citys now receiving. Someone didnt listen to their mother when she tried to teach him manners. I too am a civil servant and would NEVER represent my government agency in this manner.

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