Cleveland Hopkins International Airport in Cleveland

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Phone: +1 216-265-6000
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Total reviews rating 4.1

199 Reviews for Cleveland Hopkins International Airport 2023:

Review №1


Stayed here more than my share and each time the rooms are getting worse.My toilet made the most horrific sound when flushing. I had to hold it down and flush twice. Shower rod is rusted over and my sink didnt drain well. Two opened toilet paper rolls on holder with each about 1/8 of paper left. No new toilet paper anywhere.2 stain spots on sheet on one bed.A bright spot, front desk staff is always welcoming with a smile and excellent service.Nice enclosed pool area.

Review №2


Clevelands airport is very easy to navigate. There are plenty of places to eat in the airport and several transportation options available from rental cars, taxis, ride share services and, my personal favorite, the rapid system (RTA).You can catch the rapid from the airport and be in downtown Cleveland or beyond in minutes. Its convenient and economical.

Review №3


Best airport!! everyone working here is incredibly kind and patient, the food options are good, and check in/ security usually takes ~40 min. Love the green roof, cpr trainers, and plentiful seating/ wall outlets/ water bottle filling stations.

Review №4


Airport fine.... frontier airline was not. A 4: hours delay to Phoenix Arizona 3in a half hour flight ✈️.... plan had to change a tire in Orlando Florida.🙏 😊 Before arriving in Cle. Do get to meet some nice folks tho 🙂.

Review №5


Cool. I like walking out to airport to parking/rental cars. Easy going. Minimal restaurants no sky club.

Review №6


Not as friendly as Orlando but security was an enjoyable experience... Love their swag!😁

Review №7


Pretty quick and easy traveling experience. For such a small airport, I’m always so surprised how long the TSA Precheck line is- so please factor that in. Also, the rental drop off is about 10 mins away by shuttle. So also add in extra time if you’re renting.

Review №8


Nice small airport.Friendly staff of United Airlines.My flight was cancelled but they were super helpful and booked another one.Security also nice experience.Everyone polite .Liked the positive vibes.Good regular places to eat on the airport.Staff of Starbucks were also friendly.All together Cleveland people are friendly ,great.

Review №9


Never crazy busy, I mean its Cleveland. Best in the early morning, most vendors open before or around 6. Mid-day gets messy since most gates are small and planes these days are not. But its an airport, what do you expect, its moderately clean, sometimes friendly, and laid out as best and midsized airport can be.

Review №10


Other than the fact my flight was delayed ( not the fault of the airport), its a great place to fly from. They also have a great selection of restaurants to choose from in the concourse.