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3.4 (27 comments)

Review №1


Highly suggest not using this company. They lack transparency, price gouge and their work sucks. They fixed their own mistake that one technician messed up on just to have our company truck roof leak again. Waste of money all around. If you want a bad experience use them, they will exceed your expectations!

Review №2


Mike Churney and his team are awesome. They go above and beyond for their customers. Mike got my box truck repaired after an accident, and after another shop refused to help me, and charged me storage fees. Mike stayed in communication and gave advice every step of the way based on his 40 years of expertise. He even picked me up free of charge from the airport when I flew in from Texas. Mike really takes care of his customers. Its a shame my company is in Texas and they are in Ohio, otherwise Id bring all my business to them. Thanks again guys!! The drive back to Texas was as smooth as butter!

Review №3


These guys are crooks I took my box truck to them had it towed for brakes they told me $4600 for brakes I said no way then they tried to charge me $300 for looking at it.Long story short I had my truck towed out of there took it to another truck shop and they charge me $1300 for the repair told me I didn’t needed none of the stuff that Churney said it needed.STAY FAR AWAY FROM THESES CROOKS.

Review №4


Used to have good service department now not so much

Review №5


Purchased a used truck from them in April. Truck had issues. You need to have another shop look at it if you are thinking of buying a truck. But that is not the real reason for my bad review.They repaired the truck for $1,200. Then it left the shop and broke down again. They ended up having the truck for 6 weeks. One time when we called they said they didnt even know why it was there. They didnt call in to get approval for the repairs and would not give us a detailed bill of what the $2,800 repair was for.Just walk away

Review №6


They really care about their customers. They care about small businesses and our small budgets. Thank you for quick service a great price on the oil change and taking the time to make a flat bed for my F 150 the way I wanted it.

Review №7


Over the past two decades I have taken my Fuso FE 16 box truck to Churneys for preventative maintenance, brake repair, diesel fuel injectors, lift gate work etc.And over those twenty plus years Churneys has been fair on price, completed the work as promised, given me shuttle rides back to my shop, and Ive never had to complain with their mechanics work or had to return for a second repair follow-up.For the record, I did not buy my truck from them and Im not a relative. Im just a independent small business that appreciates what Mike Churney offers in service and repairs at a fair -- not cheap-- price. Thanks Mike, Rich in service, their mechanics and DeAngelo for what they bring to the table and that as other truck centers come and go, Churneys is a resource that I have been able to count on.

Review №8


First, let me say this is the first time I have ever left a negative review. As a contractor, I understand the power that reviews have as the newest and probably best form of word of mouth that exists. I go out of my way to leave glowing reviews for places I have had a good experience with. This was not one.I bought a used, and admittedly well-priced Isuzu from Mike. The sales experience was actually quite pleasant. I test drove the truck, without a plate because the body was off, at about 25 mph and noticed a few things that needed to be fixed, which Mike easily agreed to make right for the price advertised. I liked this and offered asking price as I thought the price was already fair.The bad part came when I picked up the truck. No one apparently test drove the thing, because the brakes were actually dangerously weak. When I test drove it I didnt notice it because the speeds werent high enough to need them much. I dont expect a box truck to stop like a Ferrari, but these were the worst brakes of any vehicle I have driven. My foreman made a list of other items that probably should have been addressed like a leaky roof, a drivers seat belt that wouldnt tension, 2 out of 3 hinges on the side door being out of commission, and a turn signal that was not bolted on and had fallen off, among other more minor things.Mike asked for a chance to make it right, which I gave against the advice of my foreman and crew. Over the 8 weeks I first owned the truck, 6 of them were in the shop. Churneys had the truck twice more to fix the brakes, which I understood would cost more than the purchase price to fix and I told the service manager to call me and we would work it out. After bringing it back twice, the front passenger brake still made a “chunking” noise and shuddered the whole truck, which I thought, correctly, was a brake pad about to come unglued. The rear bumper had also been backed into and was bent about 10 degrees while it had been there. I was disgusted and drove it home anyway.The main reason I was disgusted at that point was I never (not once) received a call from the service manager. I gave him a week several times to get everything sorted out. We showed up when the week was over to pick up the truck and found it wasnt done, and wouldnt be for 3-5 more days. But I never got a call. I understand that the parts were tough to get because of the Japanese earthquake, but please just let me know! When I confronted the owner with the long delays and lack of fixing things in the angriest phone call I have made in about a decade, he told me it was MY responsibility to follow up on the service of the truck. Seriously? All the other shops I have been to call you when there it will cost more or take longer.A few days later, the brake pad did come unglued and the caliper hit the rotor, ruining both at a cost of about $800, even using used parts. Plus a $200 tow. All for the want of a $50 brake pad. I had it towed to Don Sitts Isuzu in Cuyahoga Falls, who were very gracious to a pretty ticked off new customer. I ended up replacing the whole front brake system because the front rotors were so pitted they couldnt be turned and the calipers were no longer functioning well from neglect.The very unsettling part came from Don Sitts service manager. He pulled the oil dipstick and told me he didnt think the oil had been changed anytime recently, certainly not in the 500 miles or so Id put on the truck. He then showed me the air filter, which was full of rust and weighed about 10 pounds because it was full of water. He said this was the worst one he had seen in years and hadnt been changed in quite a while. I didnt ask for an oil change or air filter specifically, but I do it myself when I sell a vehicle, and assumed it would be done. It certainly made a you know what out of me! This made me wonder what other corners had been cut.To sum up, if you can take your vehicle elsewhere, do so.

Review №9


AVOID THEM! Horrible service. We went to them as they were one of two authorized Fuso repair centers in our area, and the other, Sidleys, are terrible. Churneys had our truck for a week this last winter, charged us over 6,000 dollars, and most of what was to be fixed was not. After snow plow season, we took it back in so they could make right on what they did not fix. Three weeks later and after several phone calls, we went to pick it up today. They claim that after three weeks, they still could not make the speedometer work. one of the major problems was that the truck would sporadically not start, and when it did, sometimes it would stall out and then not start. Guess what? After the first stop out of the shop, the truck would not start! I called Rich at the service desk who claims, in the month total they had it, that it never did that for them. And yet, as SOON as we get it off the lot, the second time, it does this same thing? He asked if I wanted to bring the truck back that afternoon. Really? They already had it a month!!! THEN I asked to speak with his manager. He told me he was not in. When I asked for a name for when I call back, he told me HE was in charge. Of the entire complex! Mr. Churney, are you reading this??? I hope so! I would NEVER recommend anyone to Churneys service center!

Review №10


I own a Hino and Freightliners. Churneys truck Center does all my service repairs and body repairs too.They have factory computers and fix everthing including my liftgates and rollup doors. Easy to do business with one stop truck repairs.

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