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3.7 (142 comments)

Review №1


Love this Chipotle! The staff here are great! They always take great care in preparing my meal. Always friendly and pleasant even when the line is out the door and online order pick up is four people deep. I always feel valued when I’m here. Thank you Westlake Chipotle for keeping a positive attitude amidst all the negativity around now.

Review №2


Edit: picture for proof that they are giving half portions. Thats the entire portion of steak on my “double” steak bowl. Double should mean double. Complete rip off.Bought two bowls, one with steak, one with double steak. I checked them both before I left and neither were the proper portion. The manager said he put 4 ounces in each. There is no way that the portion on these were 4 and 8 ounces. You are telling me that 5 little pieces of steak weighs 4 ounces? Get out of here man.

Review №3


This chipotle is constantly understaffed or they designate all of their staff to online orders leaving one person to run the line. They continue to be out of random things at all times, lids for bowls, rice, chicken, steak, etc. the list goes on. With a constant dinner rush you think they would be more prepared but this happens on a REGULAR WEEKLY BASIS. Go to another location if you can.

Review №4


Our 2yo didn’t appreciate the molded piece of brownish orange fruit you put in her bag. Whoever thought this was ok should be ashamed. Really, I’ll should bring it back and ask the manager eat it. Disgusting!

Review №5


I made mobile order but bags aren’t left on mobile pick up order cabinet so I had to wait in long line to get my order. What is the point of me making a mobile order if I still have to stand in long line to get my food. Won’t be making anymore mobile orders here again. The staff is nice though !

Review №6


Saw a guy getting arrested here and my young son kept saying look dad the cops got the bad guy! within earshot of the suspect in handcuffs. the food is good too best chipotle in the area except they were out of beans that night. still made me a huge burrito nonetheless

Review №7


I pick up evening dinner here probably once every two weeks. The service is not usually fast, if its supposed to be ? I usually always have to wait which I will do for my Chipotle but never am I wowed by the service here. Its just an average location.

Review №8


Chipotle, you dont have to keep inventory on a lot of ingredients. How are you out of cheese? Almost as bad as the Westgate location.

Review №9


Everyone is complaining, but I have to say this is the best chipotle around. The food just tastes fresher than other chipotles. And the workers are super helpful and actually listen to your order. I’ve never had to repeat myself, or gotten something in my bowl I didn’t want.As for portion sizes this chipotle is better than most. Other reviewers were complaining about the portions, but if you really want more great double or triple (yes that exists). As far as I know the only thinks that cost more to get are double meats

Review №10


The sweetest lady there! I had a bad experience at the one in north Olmsted and had let her know and she made my whole day, the kindest workers! Honestly deserves the world for her kindness

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