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Phone: +1 440-937-9200
Opening hours
  • Monday:10:45AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:10:45AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:10:45AM–10PM
  • Thursday:10:45AM–10PM
  • Friday:10:45AM–10PM
  • Saturday:10:45AM–10PM
  • Sunday:10:45AM–10PM
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Total reviews rating 3.9

199 Reviews for Chipotle Mexican Grill 2023:

Review №1


I ordered online, a double chicken bowl and not only is it not double chicken, its hardly a regular portion. Frustrating that I pay for a something EXTRA and get robbed of my hard earned money. Its not like this was a complicated order. Whoever make this order should work somewhere else zero care for the customer. We were credited a free entre, not my money back to use at another place to buy reliable dinner. Goes to show how little they care to resolve the issue. Just throw a gift card at it and shut the customer up.The fact is my son is going to still be hungry and its going i cost me more money to feed him again tonight because now I have to drive to another place wasting my time and money to get something else. Pathetic.There is zero costumer care or concern. Im unable to speak with a manager to voice my concerns because the call gets forwarded to a automated voice response that refuses to escalate the call to a human and directs you to an app. Having an option to speak with a manager that can help find a practical solution to feed my son tonight would have been appreciated, but no i get a crummy credit that doesnt solve my problem now.

Review №2


So if you go to this location do the drive through. In store they supply the drive through with all choices. I came inside and got a chicken bowl. Out of black beans, out fajita veggies, drive through was loaded with everything. So less options coming inside and still charge you full price for ordering a typical order. Bad business model for patrons to come inside and not be given same options as their drive through. So happy to pay for my meal with less options. Definitely need to address this for people coming into the store. Probably won’t return to this location because after a long day you want to have what you want.Serverly disappointed in this location. Just do drive through.

Review №3


Good food but terribly rude service. Some old lady (don’t know her name) was being rude to my sister through the checkout line rolling her eyes and moving very slow and luggish. I got a burrito and when she wrapped it all she did was fold the tortilla around the meat and pressed the tin foil around it. If this lady is ever working when I go there again, I’m walking right back out.

Review №4


I went here to pick up lunch with a friend. Food was good as usual. Never go wrong with a burrito from here obsessed with the vinaigrette. If you havent tried it, youre missing out!

Review №5


Dont go to this place after 5:00 PM, the employees are to lazy to cook more food and just simply tell you they ran out of certain items such as rice or a certain meat. I spoke to another employee that happened to walk outside when I was and asked him what the issue was since this isnt the first time this happened to us and he told us that the the crew is too lazy to cook more food so they can leave soon at closing time, employee actually said its embarrasing and he was actually quitting soon because nobody does anything and he does most of the work. Stay away from this place.

Review №6


So they said they don’t offer the free entree burrito for a birthday freebie, kinda disappointing should have just stuck with the first plans for a steak dinner at my mothers 😕.I even had the scan code for a extra chips appetizer for being enrolled with the mobile. But they let me know they don’t do any free items.-edit I’m flat broke for the next few daysI would have also used my reward points from my mobile for extra chips but without a entree it wasn’t worth the hassle

Review №7


Food tasted good. Some workers were nice others were straight up rude. Seriously , one worker was telling me I couldn’t add a tortilla shell to my meal, like what are you talking about? I’m going to pay for it, why are you literally arguing with me over adding a tortilla shell to my order?

Review №8


I go to this location frequently for lunch. Hate to say it but a lot of the staff are REALLY BAD at making burritos & bowls. Particularly some of the older staff simply cannot wrap a burrito and really struggle with checking people out (not good with technology). 4 consecutive times going here the burrito falls apart immediately when I unwrap the foil. Please hire some staff that can be more efficient.

Review №9


Tonight was one of the worst experiences Ive had at Chipotle. First off I will start by saying that the lack of care that these employees was showing made me wonder if they even care that they have a job tonight there was no meat prepared which was okay as well as waiting but I waited and got not even a full proportion size of chicken so I added another scoop of meat because there was barely a scoop of chicken he used a small cup. Im okay paying for double when I want extra meat but I added it just because I needed something other than 3 pieces of chicken. Im surprised I even paid for my food tonight. Another employee was sticking his hands down his pants with gloves on. The crew you have working on this Sunday night at 8:30pm really needs some proper training or I believe a new job because the attitude and poor customer service I received and other customers was very disappointed disappointing. The cashier was the only hope this store had. Lost my service here from now on which should be important if others get this same treatment. It just food but its the point that this is business and it was a terrible performance by this staff.

Review №10


I love Chipotle, but this location is terrible. They gave me a different persons order twice. Paid for chicken, got a veggie bowl. Paid for guac and got a bowl without guac. They also dont offer delivery random nights and are frequently out of ingredients. I called about my incorrect order once and they were unapologetic.

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