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2.8 (55 comments)

Review №1


My wife and I recently booked a Party Bus with Childers Transportation for our wedding at the Toledo Zoo. The Bus was very clean and on time for bridal party pick up at two locations. We had a great time cruising around Toledo and Perrysburg, taking pictures, and partying. Our Driver also provided a nice toast to us.

Review №2


Absolutely unprofessional. Even unresponsible pet owners. Their dog was not microchipped, nor even had a collar. The dog got out several times and was found wandering in our neighborhood. Do not do business with these people.

Review №3


I rode with this service with my job in Carey, OH. The buses were freezing cold with no heat. Do not book this service if you care about your guests. Windshield wipers are horrible. We had a snowstorm and could not see anything due to the bad wipers. The bus driver had to pull over to let someone wipe the window. The tires are very bald especially for an hour drive. We sleep all over the highway. I will be reporting them to the Health Department for the covid violations as well!

Review №4


This company is deceitful & completely rude. We hired them for a wedding in June 2021. The date was rescheduled multiple times due to COVID, to which they did accommodate. However, upon original contract, they were paid their deposit of $500 promptly. As MOH, I maintained financial responsibility of the contract. When I’d called 1 month prior to the wedding to confirm the contract, I was told the remaining balance was due two weeks prior to service date. But 2 days later my account was hit for an unauthorized $500 charge 1 day before our family vacation. They refunded the amount but the frustration was the 3-5 business day wait for the funds to be returned. Which I know is not within their control but it reflected on poor record keeping & lack of attention to detail. June 11, 2021 I’d called and authorized final payment, which totaled at ~$490. At the time, our online banking had been unavailable so we couldn’t monitor the account as closely. However, I kept my end of the agreement, called and paid the remaining balance & figured they had removed the authorized amount. Due to my role in the wedding, I had many financial ends to tie up in the two weeks leading to the big day. The day before the wedding, our online banking showed the removal of the balance. This late transaction had abruptly disrupted funds that had been planned for that evening & the following morning, let alone my personal funds. When I called, I was spoken to as if I was attempting to scam the company out of paying the balance. I was treated like an invalid as opposed to an honest, returning & prompt customer. My husband and I were dumbfounded at how we were being treated. As you can see in the review 2 slots down, the company argues that funds should have been available regardless. I understand that, but with our online banking down & the amount of spending that had been needed in the two weeks prior, we’d assumed this money hungry company had taken their balance. They refused to hear our reasons & frustrations or even so much as apologize for their ignorant book keeping. Furthermore, when the driver arrived, he’d parked the bus at the front of the church. I politely asked him to move it to the side of the church so it could be loaded easier. He responded, ‘I need my tips before I move this bus. The owner told me to demand it before providing any service.’ I don’t even know why I was in shock at this point. The driver was polite & provided great service but that the owner had ordered him to treat his customers in that manner was beyond disappointing. STAY AWAY! Pay more for another service company! These people are crooked and selfish!

Review №5


DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!They will offer a “discount” it’s not a discount, it’s their actual price and they called it a discount to make it sound good. Our wedding was June 26th and we rented the biggest party bus they have. They told us that the final payment of the bus needed to be made by June 11th. My Matron of Honor called on June 11th and told them to run her card for the remaining balance of almost $500 they informed her they would and that we were all set for June 26th. On June 25th my MOH checked her account only to realize on that day Childers had taken $500 two weeks after she had given them authorization. She called and they told her that it was her fault the money wasn’t set aside for them and they wouldn’t be willing to work with her at all. This is the second time Childers took money from her account on a date it was not authorized! They then informed her that they had a funeral and death in the family so that was the reason for the delay in charge. NOT OUR FAULT!! If you want a smooth wedding day and smooth transaction, go somewhere else!!!! CHILDERS IS TRASH!!!!!!!

Review №6


BRIDES PLEASE READ. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.I would never ever ever use this company. We booked them for our wedding in September of 2020. We wanted a trolley and they said they were adding a trolley to their fleet. They never once mentioned that there was a possibility that it would not be ready. Online it said it would be ready in may of 2020. We paid for the trolley in full and moved on. They then contacted us 11 days before our wedding day (now past the point we could ask for a FULL refund per their contract) to let us know the trolley would not be ready and they would provide a bus instead. We assumed they meant a party bus for our 18 person wedding party. The week of my wedding we contacted them to discuss the bus and they alerted us that they could either provide us with two limos (that would not fit all 18 people) or a shuttle bus that only had an AM/FM RADIO. They offered to refund half of the money IF we chose not to use what they offered us.If they had told us when we were booking them that they couldn’t guarantee us that the trolley would be ready we would have booked with another company that did have a trolley available for our date. The trolley Childers had described was more of the style and seating we were looking for so we chose them. They waited until 11 days before our wedding (when I’m sure they knew way earlier that It wasn’t going to be ready). Had they called to tell us this sooner we maybe could have found a trolley from another company or at the very least they could have provided us with an equivalent to what we had asked for or a full refundWe ended up having to find another company entirely for our wedding party the week of the wedding. We have only been reimbursed half of what we paid despite us not using any of their sad excuse for a replacement that day. We didn’t get a trolley and if they had just been honest with us we would have booked with another company.I will never use this company and I will continue to tell every engaged soon to be bride I know to not use this company. It was hard enough having a wedding in the middle of Covid, but this was something that could have definitely been handled differently. We should have received a full refund as they did not provide what we had requested. Very very poor service.

Review №7


Anita was our driver to Greektown and so much fun! When our group started dancing she was right there with us. Great service!

Review №8


I have used Childers on numerous occasions the past 6 years and in every instance their drivers have been professional and courteous, the vehicle was immaculate, and they have always been on time - even in a snowstorm!

Review №9


Unprofessional owners who dodge phone calls from unhappy clients, Driver who ruined a couples wedding trying to scam more money as a tip. Stay away from this company there is a reason their reviews are terrible!!

Review №10


The service was excellent! Not to mention the driver was awesome. Absolutely looking forward to working with Childers Transportation again in the future!!!

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