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4.1 (199 comments)

Review №1


Beautiful people isnt about the outer looks its about the inside of a person. So I had and always have the best care at CareFirst location in Middletown Ohio on Briel ave. The Doctor was absolutely knowledgeable and understanding. She took her time listening and teaching what she knows about her knowledge of Doctrine so Im glad and thankful she was there not just for me but others as well. I have to say this as well shes a very beautiful person inside as well as her beauty outside. May God continue blessing her and family. Thank you

Review №2


Prompt, knowledgeable, and courteous treatment. Check-in was quick and simple. The receptionists, nurse, and physician were all friendly, professional, and demonstrated expertise. I was very impressed, and definitely recommend this office if you are in need of good urgent care!

Review №3


Extremely friendly and accommodating associates. The preliminary paperwork and registration was self explanatory. Got right in to see the Doctor. I gave it 4 stars because the facility could use a coat of paint and a right good scrubbing.

Review №4


Have gone to this location multiple times usually on weekends when we can’t get into our dr and it’s always a pleasant experience going there. Admin is polite and quick . Waiting is usually 5-10 minutes regardless how busy they are. Nurses, nurse practitioners, and Drs treat us very polite and make sure we understand . I would highly recommend

Review №5


The nurses are extremely friendly and very forth coming in answering questions and making sure you understand everything that is going on. I dont go to the Dr often but if I have to have test done I will go back again. I did not leave stressed out and I was not throwed into a seizure from being super stressed.

Review №6


I’ve been to this urgent care twice now. Once last month. And then today. The first week of May I went presenting with symptoms of severe coughing. Unable to eat or drink without throwing up. That night prior to my visit I was throwing up every 30mins bile and blood. The doctor did a Covid test on me and a flu test. Both came back negative. She told me to stay hydrated and drink pepto. Over the next few days my symptoms kept worsening and I lost a dramatic amount of weight. I ended up getting admitted to the hospital for gallstone induced pancreatitis. It was a fun month battling symptoms. On May 31st they had to remove my gallbladder.Ok, things happen. I wasn’t willing to give up on the clinic over one incident. So I was in there about 45 mins ago due to a UTI. This year has been terrible. I’m 10 days post recovery. On my paper I wrote I use the Kroger on Town Blvd. when the doctor saw me, she asked me what pharmacy I use. (Same doctor as in May). I told her I use Kroger on Towne Blvd. I went to pick up my prescriptions at Kroger to find out they had nothing in their system regarding this. I had to call them to find out what happen. Apparently they said in my chart I said CVS?I am never going back there.

Review №7


This is the most unprofessional place I’ve been to- and I live in Middletown. The two older ladies that check in people are so unprofessional and spent the whole time talking bad about a patient that came in and couldn’t read the paperwork. They also were on their phones almost the whole time. The lady that came in to do vitals sounded so sick and kept sniffing. They were very rude and condescending to the patients that weren’t knowledgeable on how to check in using the QR code. The PA that helped us was quick and pleasant.

Review №8


I went to this urgent care on a “please help me” basis. I’ve been non stop vomiting for 9 days as of today. The two ladies at the front desk (Amy & Megan. If I got those wrong, I’m sorry lol.) they knew that my insurance wasn’t in place until tomorrow. They done everything they could for the doctor to see me. The PA that was there today (Melissa Kite) I can not thank enough. She sat down with me and brainstormed what all possibilities it could’ve been. She checked me over, prescribed me a few things and referred me to a specialist. I’ve been trying to get into a specialist for four months and she was the first doctor to sit down with me and actually listen. She thought outside of the box, asked me how I felt about the things she was saying. She actually cared. 10/10 will recommend.

Review №9


Didnt wait long! The doctor was nice and listened. I was in room one the floor was very dirty with qtips on the floor... but I got excellent care... and signing in on your phone is hard for the ones that cant see.

Review №10


Our visit was quick and the three ladies we encountered there were awesome and friendly. Ms. Thea (an LPN, I believe she said) was amazing and funny, she made my daughter very comfortable.

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