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3.3 (199 comments)

Review №1


Not sure Ill be back with Budget after this one. I usually rent a vehicle 3-4 times per year and have used Budget more than a few times over the years.For this rental, I was originally assigned a Tahoe. When I inspected the Tahoe, it was apparent it had never been cleaned. There was garbage left inside the vehicle and even chunks of a half-eaten cookie.I went back to the desk to let them know they assigned me a vehicle that was never cleaned. I was not offered an apology but was given a few excuses then told they had nothing else available. I asked where we go from here....she then called somebody on her radio and let me know they would have an Expedition ready for me in 10 minutes. 30 minutes later, the Expedition pulled up. I inspected and found this one to be in even worse condition and it was obviously never cleaned. At this point, I was out of time, so I took it home where I spent 2 hours cleaning it as I didnt feel comfortable putting my family in this vehicle. This thing was so dirty, I don’t think I purposely could have made a mess like this. Garbage, half-eaten food, dog hair, spilled beverages. You name it, this vehicle had it. I took pictures if you would like me to share.......Also, the license plate expires 2 days before my scheduled turn in does this even happen?How is it possible that I would be assigned two vehicles that were never cleaned?

Review №2


This was a weird instance to give a five star rating because the computerserver was down and it was taking very long time to finalize the paperwork and receive our car. The staff worked really hard to get things done and tried to keep the clients, if not happy, at least calm. The woman that took care of our car reservation (I have memory issues, so her name escapes me) even managed to help us upgrade our car to the coolest one at the wedding! Yep, the Budget staff at the Cleveland Hopkins Airport earned our gratitude that day!

Review №3


***Edited to add I never received the refund and its been two weeks. ***The time I had with the car was great. However when I returned the car I stopped before hand and filled up the tank. After leaving, I received an email saying the tank was only filled with 10 gallons. I then had to go back up to Budget. I stood in line for about 30 minutes. While I was in line I also called customer service. I was on hold with customer service the whole time I was in line and customer service ended up helping me before I was even able to get up to the counter. They only had one person working the counter. Customer service was able to work through the situation and give me a refund I hope I will be receiving. It is hard to believe that a big company like this is trying to get extra money from the customers when gas is so high. It is hard for me to believe that putting in 10 gallons instead of a full tank was a mistake. I hope that moving forwards the company can keep on eye on situations like this.

Review №4


Budget has been my go to rental company for over 20 years. Based on my last few experiences feels like it is time for a change. Fastbreak is not what it used to be, customer service on the ground is in thin supply. Disappointing. CLE is the worst, PHX can’t figure out fastbreak (nor can CLE).

Review №5


On December 16, 2021 my family and I rented a vehicle from budget at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. The vehicle we received was a KIA soul. On the road we noticed that the blindspot monitoring safety feature was not working at all. I called budget this morning on December 17th and spoke to a representative. I made the representative aware of this situation. The representative transferred me to another number where I was placed on hold for 30 minutes. I was transferred again both times I explained myself and the situation I was in no representative was able to resolve my situation or even validate my concerns. The last representative put me on transfer and that is where I was disconnected.

Review №6


Staff is great, the vehicle when received had a broken tail light lense. Advised staff and they noted the paperwork. They charged the cc for the fee of the rental plus a $200 deposit which is fine. But on returning the vehicle the charged the rental fee and then refunded the total charge from when I placed the order plus the $200 deposit. This can affect your cc and your payment to your cc. It would have been better to just refund the deposit.

Review №7


We picked our vehicle up up at 9:30am, Im giving 3 stars because of the customer service seemed good and quick, it was sad to see the employees still being forced to wear The Chains (masks). I cant imagine anyone wants to wear them willingly since its clear they do not work and do MUCH MORE harm than good, then again it is New York so I think the programming has gone well in NY, those that can do simple math are fleeing the corrupt State ASAP. The vehicle smelt like smoke BIG TIME and we could taste & smell the car bombs-perfume for 7+ hrs, we kept both back windows down so that we could breathe fresh air. I would have rather of smelt the dope. The gas was a little over 3/4 full and when the guy asked us at the check out if it was full, I said yes just to get on the road, the touch screen didnt work for the radio, the car had scratches all over the place and looked Ghetto when I mentioned the scratches the guy at check out said that I paid for the insurance so where covered, its fine. If we had the time I would have asked for another vehicle just like the 2 men that came into Budget & asked for another vehicle because theirs smelt like puke. Glad we left NY ASAP

Review №8


The pick up process was slow and cumbersome despite having booked and paid for the vehicle weeks in advance. I returned the vehicle with a full tank. There was no one to actually return the vehicle too. I was told to just leave the keys in the vehicle. Then they charged me $102.90 for fuel which I had to call to get be refunded which will take 3-5 business days. They obviously checked the vehicle over to get the return mileage so they would have known the tank was full. If you dont check your e-receipt you wouldnt know they went ahead and charged you for gas. This is dishonest and bad business practice. I do not recommend.

Review №9


They did not clean the car at all there was trash everywhere and something spilled all over. It was also smoked in and there was ash everywhere.

Review №10


If I could rate this with a negative, I would. I returned my car early due to weather moving in, got an earlier flight. No one was available to check in the car, I was told the receipt would be mailed. I had prepaid for the car and filled with gas. Received the receipt showing the car was checked in a full 26 hours after drop off and I was charged for fuel. So I had to call and wait on the phone to resolve and prove my fuel purchase and airline. Although the customer service was very professional, the actions of this location are very questionable, THIS IS FRAUD! Had I not called, those charges would stand. Please check your receipts very carefully.

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