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Growing up as a dancer, even though I do not have much talent in that area, I can be a tough critic when it comes to ballet. I was thoroughly impressed when I went to my first BalletMet show, The Nutcracker, this past winter. Edwaard Liang is a genius artistic director and always brings something new and interesting to his work while still staying true to the classics. I recently saw Giselle at the Davidson Theatre, my first time seeing that ballet, and I was wowed! I have to say I was pleasantly surprised when it came to the diversity of the dancers in Giselle as well. Taking my mom and younger sister to see Cinderella in April. I can confidently say I will be a regular at these shows as long as I am a Columbus resident!

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BalletMet Vintage Dancer. When I was 19, I took classes at BalletMet when they had studios in an old wood framed church north of Campus. Loved being in Columbus then. Someone said ballet discriminates. Oh feet werent pretty(and still arent). I never thought I had ugly feet until I took ballet. It made me feel less than. Fact of the matter, ballet WILL always discriminate based on biological/physical traits. Skin color is just another trait that simply looks weird when it stands out against a backdrop of white. It doesnt signify racism. It signifies an art form that stresses clones that have a certain look and line. I get the homogenous look they are after, which is definitely a problem inherent with this art form. But...will they ever make room for ugly feet....just because someone complained?

Review №3


I grew up dancing with balletmet, and ended up leaving to go to a better dance company. I am extremely disappointed with how they handled the nutcracker this year. Despite leaving, I still would go back to see the nutcracker every year. Giving a 30 minute cut up version with a bad voice over is just insulting. This year has been so bad, balletmet films every year so they have plenty of footage, give us the full performance!!! Also would like to point out that students in the show were not allowed to get copies of the performance...

Review №4


Amazing Professional Ballet Company AND Dance Academy! I feel so lucky to be in Columbus and able to enjoy the artistry of the dancers at BalletMet. This is top quality art and entertainment thats easily accessible to all. Plus, BalletMet has a very strong Dance Academy where students not only get top notch training, but also have the opportunity to audition for parts in the professional Companys productions. Its amazing to see these young artists benefit from being around the professionals. If you have never seen a dance performance, definitely check them out. And if you or your kids have any interest in dance and movement, definitely check out the many classes that the Academy offers.

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I want to congratulate each person who contributed to the magical performance of Peter Pan. I was as spellbound as my 4 year-old grand daughter. I can not say enough about the costumes, the spectacular set designs, the absolutely incredible flying effects, the choreography, and of course the magnificence of the dancers. Thank you for introducing a new generation to the wonder and beauty of the ballet!

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If I could give less of a star I would. The sound guy and saved seats for staff was right in the middle of one of the seat sections. The concierge allowed us to sit 3 rows behind him and after it filled up we found out that he will be sitting up on the arm rest the entire time. There was a woman who was walking around claiming to know the woman in charge of balletmet and that apparently gave her the right to save seats up until minutes before it started and would not allow individuals who were already here to sit down. The staff members did not care that their staff was in the way of paying patrons to see the show. This was my first experience with the ballet and I will not be back.

Review №7


I attended Balletmet and danced with them for many years. Unfortunately, like myself and many other black dancers. Balletmet has shown racist tendencies. My personal experience has been that the teachers were not friendly. They didn’t treat me as equal and have the same expectations for me as other student who didn’t look like me. I was told that my people should stick to jazz and African dance. I was told that my people’s body type is not for ballet. I was told by the director that I should consider myself fortunate to even be attending Balletmet on a scholarship. That the only reason I was there is because rich white people paid my way. Little did this director know. I understood that Balletmet received government funding for blacks to attend. Black females have went through so much hatred at Balletmet. As an adult now, I have finally overcome the childhood scars left by the staff and the parents I encountered. I have too many stories and memories I could share. The reality is that even in 2018 the reality that as blacks in this society... we are still treat less than human.

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An amazing dance school and company. Everyone is so kind and the teachers are wonderful to the children. The professional dancers are breathtaking in every performance.

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Cinderella was great! Perfect for all ages!

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Fun and interesting. Getting to live my childhood dream of learning and trying to learn ballet dance is great. The BalletMet Columbus is a great place to Visit and get a view of ballet dance world.

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