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3.3 (199 comments)

Review №1


My family of seven (my wife and 5 small children) rented an SUV from Avis at Cleveland, Ohio airport. We upgraded to further support this business to a Denali. All was fine until we left the airport and started driving. On the highway our back rear drivers side tire suddenly went flat and I almost lost control of the vehicle, endangering my large family. We were very surprised that this suddenly happened. We called AVIS and they tried to deny responsibility.That was until we looked at the keychain to give the rep details on the vehicle when we noticed that the keychain specifically posted the word FLAT!!! AVIS rented my family a knowingly disabled vehicle and put my family in grave danger! There is absolutely no excuse for this incompetence and I am enraged with AVIS. Not only did they give us problems about replacing the vehicle, but they wasted two full days of our vacation. At this point I have been considering taking legal action against AVIS, as this is a serious problem. At the very least I want the full amount of the rental charge to be credited back to my credit card. Again, there is zero excuse for this event and I am very upset.

Review №2


This was the worst and disgusting vehicle I’ve ever received from a car rental, and I’ve used Avis quite a few times in the past. They should do a better job doing a walk through before handing over the keys, or at least disclose some of the issues, like how they could have missed a front turn light that was shattered, or how the interior of the vehicles were torn and damaged, or that the cruise control is malfunctioning. Oh and we found a used condom in the glove compartment. Disappointing experience

Review №3


Saturday, December 18, 2021: The woman at the desk was very helpful. After seeing the size of the SUV I reserved, I’ve asked for larger vehicle and she was very pleasant and handled my request quickly. I returned my rental around 3:30 AM the following morning. It’s been 2 1/2 days and I still haven’t received a receipt. When I rent from Enterprise, I get a receipt emailed as soon as I leave. I do not understand why it takes so long to get a receipt. I am assuming my deposit may be delayed also. My rental could’ve been cleaner too. Avis requires $100 less deposit than Enterprise which is nice. And Enterprise can be snooty. Again, the customer service was very good and I’d like to give a higher rating. It could be a four or five if their system was faster.

Review №4


I dont really do reviews, but as I wait here till 6am I got nothing better to do.Set up the rental a month ago, its in the app, Avis preferred, licence matches, etc. Flight lands at 12:30 instead of 11:45. Counter is closed. Usually I just walk to my car, drive out. Not here, if you dont have a paper copy of the contract the night lady cant let you leave. So now Im waiting for 6 am, cause I have to be at a job site at 8am.Also, they suck at cleaning cars. Photos attached.

Review №5


Picked a Jeep Compass up for a week rental and it looks like they didnt even attempt to clean it. Complained to the guy checking IDs and contracts while leaving and he said well guess you could go say something. This would be unacceptable anytime, but it is detestable during a pandemic.

Review №6


Im astounded at the lack of care Avis has for its customers. Our flight was delayed so we we called to ensure that we could still get our vehicle. When we arrived the desk was closed. Had to wait in a line with other disgruntled customers who were delayed because of this. If I were a manager at Avis I wouldve stayed and made sure my customers were taken care of. They have the flight number, so they can see when we arrive. Its not that hard to be decent and accommodating. It makes repeat customers and yall profit. Sad that they havent figured this out already.

Review №7


I would give them zero stars if I could. This is by far the WORST experience I have ever had. The woman behind the counter was rude, had an attitude, gave zero shots about us and our situation and could not/ would not offer up any form of alternative.Our flights were originally in and out of Cleveland, OH. The snow storm up the east coast cancelled our departing flights out of that airport and sent us to Pittsburgh, PA. We went on our weekend vacation and had a good time aside from my friends wallet being stolen with her license in it. Now she has her passport, a photo of her license and one debit card (that were left in the hotel room thank god).We fly into Cleveland and have our car booked. They ask for her license information online, as well as her payment information. She puts all of that in. The confirmation email says she only needs form of ID. *passport* We go to pick up the car and they REFUSE to help us at all. They are not accommodating, not helpful, rude, nasty and could not make any form Of exception. We tried to use my license and credit card but they don’t accept my card, which also makes zero sense as it’s a VISA!!!! They won’t let me use my license and her credit card, even with her proof of ID. They said that her license picture on there phone (that she needed for work) was probably photoshopped or fake…“it’s not personal” is what she said to us. When In fact this is very personal. It’s not our fault our flights for changed and messed up or that a wallet was stolen.I tried calling customer service and they also would not help at all. They said “nothing we can do” when one of us has a kid at home, and both of us have to work today.We had to take and Uber 3 hours to get back to Buffalo, NY. Absolutely asinine and disgusting. I I sweat and there are rules and policies in place, but to be disgusting and nasty towards us and not even remotely sympathetic to our situation and try to help, we were just brushed off and treated like our garbage. NEVER will I use Avis or Budget rental companies, nor will I allow any of my family/ friends or loved ones rent from them either.You should also not rent from them.

Review №8


This location and company has false advertising. I was told by multiple customer service representatives that as long as I had my flight info in my reservation that someone would be waiting so that I could get my car when I land. I land and there is no one left working to get me my car. Then the security guard tells me this is “normal” and they tell everyone that. Why are you advertising something that is not even true? This is terrible customer service. I could also never get ahold of the local location to speak with anyone to confirm what I was being told by customer service. Do not rent a vehicle from Avis!!

Review №9


My wife and I are Avis Preferred Customers. We rent a car from Avis 10-12 times a year. We are always asked what airline and flight number we are arriving on. We figured that was so Avis could take note of flight delays and expect us accordingly. Why else would Avis need the flight info?Yesterday we encountered a 1 and 1/2 hour flight delay and yet received an email saying our rental (a Hybrid car) had been given away to someone else. Note that our flight was not 2 hours late as mentioned in the email. When the slow airport bus finally picked us up and delivered us to Avis rental there was no one at the Avis preferred counter the email directed us to. One person was at the regular Avis counter dealing with many customers. When she finally got to us after 30 minutes of waiting , she said there was no Hybrid available. We were given an economy car (Ford eco boost) for the price of a Hybrid (no price correction).None of this was fair to me, the customer? Avis would know my flight was delayed if they checked. I reserved a speciality car (Hybrid) that Avis made no attempt to keep for me. And I received a much smaller, less fuel efficient car with no price deduction.And all of this took an extra hour of my time on a day that was already significantly delayed. This is a prime example of a lack of care for loyal customers.

Review №10


I prepaid for my rental car for trip to Ohio for a funeral. When our plane was delayed 5 hours in Denver, I contacted Avis 3 times during the delay to make sure my car would still be available when I arrived in Cleveland, even though it would be 2 a.m. Both the on-phone and chat representatives assured us that the car would be ready, that Avis was tracking the flights, and would be available for all the delayed flights. When we arrived, there was no one here except the guard, who informed us that Avis tells everyone that, but at midnight they are out the door and the heck with any incoming customers. We arrived with my 91 year old mother, and were left sitting the remainder of the night - still no one has shown up to help us on our way with a reservation/car we have already paid for. I have been a Preferred customer for years, and am extremely upset that they have no customer loyalty, and blatantly lied regarding the availability of both personnel and my vehicle.

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