Around The Clock Appraisals in Akron

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Total reviews rating 2.6

3 Reviews for Around The Clock Appraisals 2023:

Review №1


Terrible experience with this company. My bank ordered an appraisal with them that came in way lower than what the county and what other realtors value it to be. In their evaluation, the comparable properties they chose were not even close to the attributes of my property (age, location, condition, etc). For instance, my suburban ranch home on .6 acres was compared to older styled homes on postage stamp city lots. I called to ask why the comparable properties were so different and why they were chosen by Patrick, the evaluator, and I was told by the office staff: 1) they do not have to give reasons why they were chosen 2) she then literally told to somebody who cares. Stay away from this company if you want fair and reasonable treatment as a customer.

Review №2


Bought a house last year. Went through the appraisal process and home inspection. Put $90000 into the home and tried to refinance with the largest mortgage company in the country to get some equity back out. Around the clock Sent a person out to take pictures and notes for an appraiser. Appraisal came back $10000 less than last year with notes that they couldnt find current comps but confident in the appraisal. Also said they were concerned about the stability of a basement wall and I needed to hire a structural engineer. Structural engineer said cracks were insignificant. Around the clock said they still wanted the wall fixed and I would have to hire another structural engineer to sign off on the repairs. Around the clock wouldnt budge. The mortgage company backed out.

Review №3


How can someone hang up on you is beyond me not professional at all