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4.4 (176 comments)

Review №1


I am so pleased that Ripley (formerly Maddy) is now in my life. Thank you Animal Shelter Society!

Review №2


Id give it 10 stars...Clean facility..friendly...well knowledgeable about the animals...Very through..Id highly recommend...

Review №3


The person at the front desk explained to me that you werent allowed to see any dogs unless you had an appt. You cant get an appt without filling out paperwork. She was not kind. Told me to go online to figure it out. How is anyone supposed to bond with a dog?

Review №4


I volunteered for a while with my grandma until the pandemic hit, and the staff was very nice. I have never had such a good connection with an employee until then.We got a great dog, who is super cute. Very big cages, and a spot to read to cats. You can bring the dogs outside to take on a walk. Im sad it has not reopened, because I want to start volunteering again.

Review №5


I had gone in to drop off some stray kittens and it was an absolutely horrible experience. I dont know who the woman was, but she was harassing me for bringing in 3 kittens who had messed their kennel on the drive over. She sat there and harassed me for neglecting them. Claiming it was cruel and from a professional standpoint it looks like pure neglect.She then proceeded to harass me because one of the kittens was hot. Which was understandable as we had been sitting outside in near 90 degree heat with no shade for over 5 minutes.Im sorry but if kittens who have never been in a car before get diarrhea on a car ride what the hell am I supposed to do? Pull over on the side of the road and clean it because I just casually have stuff to do that sitting in my car.As someone with sever anxiety, this nearly sent me into a panic attack all because she wouldnt accept the fact that kittens do that while in a car.Absolutely horrible service.

Review №6


Ill never be able to get a nother dog from there.i cant afford them Im a senior citizen on a disability.i wanted a little lap dog ..

Review №7


They take very good care of their pets and some of the employees there are AWESOME. when i lost my puppy, thats where he ended up, they were gonna let me do a payment plan to get him back (even though shouldnt have to pay to get my own animal back) either way it goes its an awesome place and they keep it clean

Review №8


Why on earth do you show the distressed animals you should be showing the care you gave themI hate your advertisementsIt is so discouraging and no way would I donateThis is for ASPA advertised on tv

Review №9


I have always been a proponent of the animal shelter. I try to participate in fundraisers, and choose them for my AmazonSmile.One of my neighbors moved and abandoned their cat. I called to see if they could take her, but they said they are not accepting cats at this time.They told me to find a rescue. I asked if they had any recommendations, and they said to google it.I would have sponsored the cat. It was honestly a pretty disappointing experience.

Review №10


Just got my moms male cat fixed and up to date on his shots. They are the best place to take animals there very good and take great care with your fur babies.

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