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3.7 (57 comments)

Review №1


AfterWe I’m repeated attempts to reclaim our items out of their lot, the choose to ignore and sell off property that was not theirs to sell and didn’t even allow us to obtain our personal property. To make this even more pitiful, we were the victims in all of this. And still denied our belongings. They needed money to pay bills that month so the stole from us to make it happen. We suggest you find someone else to use. If the stole from my big company, the will steal from the small individual. I can only imagine how many more have the same story. Sad but very very True. Bad businessProof of ownership? My license plate was on the back of the trailer !! The piece of equipment , was just bought minutes prior to with bill of sale I brought up twice and showed the lady. I was denied even getting my plates off the trailer. I brought up our registration as well. We showed the office personal when we arrived and at that time was told that was not enough! . If that’s all it takes to come get my stuff. A simple registration that was once already shown; Let me know a date and time. Betcha don’t ….Further more , we drive all the way from Akron twice to your facility , simply to try to resolve the issues that they created..,,, , only to be told that the owner would get a hold of me……I never got that call, never returned emails either . Not once .We reached out numerous times … one of the times , just to have the door shut in our face.You want proof the stuff is mine? … just tell me when and where or where to send it . We’re all waiting … let’s c what’s transpires next

Review №2


Recently purchased a Gravely Zero Turn and Steve took the extra time to show all the models, test drive and provided excellent customer service! He explained pros/cons of the mowers for my size of yard. So happy with my purchase!

Review №3


Your one stop shop for Towing equipment, fabrication and more. They work on Trucks, Trailers, Cranes, Busses and more!

Review №4


My experience with their customer service was poor. they are not proactive to keep you updated to status of parts ordered or if delayed. they prefer to be fighting fires ( upset customers ) then fire prevention. i will never trust what they tell you. i will not mention names . you know who you are.i had high expectations when I purchased my product and has been disappointing since then

Review №5


I had a great experience with this company and the service man Anthony (Tony, truck #304)! He came in a timely manner and was sure to communicate with me when he was arriving. My tire was caved in due to me breaking my CV joint but Tony did a great job not causing any further damage to my car while towing it. Definitely will be putting them in my contacts for future needs!

Review №6


Talking about a great experience. That would be an understatement. Tony (truck #304) showed up promptly. Got the job done efficiently and effectively in a matter of minutes. He was very professional, friendly, and courteous. It was like having a friend with a tow business come to my house and help. Id refer ABCO and Tony - 304 to anyone that needs car assistance. Great guy great company.

Review №7


White charger stranded on the turnpike at dusk, says THANKS we are grateful to be moved quickly and safely, all the advice, and the help to a place to stay. You rock!

Review №8


We ran into some care trouble on the highway, while passing through the Toledo area. The guys at ABCO Services were outstanding in helping get our car off the road and to the dealership. In fact, they drove a second truck out to make sure the whole family got off the road. They even took my wife to the rental car place to pick up a car to continue our journey. Terrance (304) was super kind and professional. These guys are top notch!

Review №9


Horrible customer service, extremely rude and refused to help me. I was trying to get my girlfriend to the hospital and I found out my car was towed overnight, not a big deal since I was parked illegally. Over the phone the desk worker was not pleasant to talk and was rude about my inconvenience. So I walked to the towing company in the snow only to find they only take cash and they do not have an ATM. Since I was busy that day I did not have time to pick it up before 4:30 (convenient since I get off work at 5). Because of this they charged a 17 dollar fine for storing it overnight (they charged me 200 dollars to tow my car .4 miles down the street). The next day I walked back to the towing company with cash in hand, sign out my car and walk out the lot, only to find my car in horrible condition. Muddy hand prints were smeared around the edges of the hood, not to mention they cracked my bumper very noticeably in the front. Overall a horrible experience and I wish to never come into contact with you again.

Review №10


They back up there product! Rudy was in constant communication with me through out the process of getting something fixed. Greatly appreciate the team this company has established!

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