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You would think as an apartment complex they would take care of the flower beds, weeds and mulch. And raising rent again.

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I currently live here on Northern Songs Ln, an overall quiet & friendly neighborhood. I enjoy having the power to grow our own flowers and decide our layout.One thing Ive noticed while living in a K&G property is that they are not very responsive when it comes to maintenance. This is not based on only on my opinion, but from things Ive heard from other neighbors and people who once rented from K&G. Maybe they dont have a large maintenance staff & try to keep this expense low cost. Whatever the reason they have an opportunity for growth here. I understand keeping costs low, but if you own the amount of properties that K&G does having a maintenance crew that can handle a larger volume is the cost of doing exceptional business. I do think this would speak to the lack of great apartments in the area.I also have one more grievance. Some of us in front part of the complex (Abbey Road) have a hard time parking because K&G has allowed a tan Northstar Deville (Mercedes I think) with 2 flat tires and with tags expired since May to sit in one of our parking spots. I live in the front and had to park far away from my door at 10:30 PM last night because all the spots were full. The owner of this vehicle lives in the back of complex where there are plenty if spaces, but this person feels it is convenient to park it up front so his/her immediate neighbors arent annoyed (hypothetical). I had to pull my infant in car seat and my 4 yr old out of car walking through the dark with them( so vulnerable if attacked). We pay $735 each month, and that parking is supposed to be for us. Some rent should be docked from our account for the past nearly 6 months since the car was dumped off. Others have let management know as well.

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Talked with Miriam she was rude and snotty, not very nice, dont recommend this place.

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My friends live here :)

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This place is trashy and management is not professional.

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Abbey Road is a good album

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Never been there

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