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Phone: +1 330-460-6357
Site: https://www.9ersdiner.com/
Opening hours
  • Monday:8AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:Closed
  • Thursday:8AM–10PM
  • Friday:8AM–10PM
  • Saturday:8AM–10PM
  • Sunday:8AM–2PM
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Total reviews rating 4.4

191 Reviews for 9ers Diner & Pub 2023:

Review №1


The place is nice! Though they had a busy crowd, the service was attentive. Food took a long time, but when they came out, they were spot on. Portions are huge. I got the country fried steak bowl and honestly if I got 1/2 the portion, I still would have been full. Very cute menu with unique items including the kids drinks. I’ve never seen cold brew flight on a menu until here. Would be interested in coming back for lunch/dinner.

Review №2


This was our first time at this diner. I have very mixed feelings about this because there are two sides to this restaurant. The north side of the restaurant had a large roll-up door that was open to the outside and the weather was warm and humid so the patio area that had outside seating and the indoor area on the north side of the building was also open to the weather and not what we were looking for as far as seating so we went to the south side of the restaurant through a set of double doors however they had these doors propped open subsequently the south side of the restaurant was also not as bad but was still on the warmer side with a slightly higher humidity. The air conditioning was running though in the facility and it seemed like a rather large waste to be running your air conditioning when you have all the doors open. The service was friendly it was prompt and we enjoyed. However there were other wait staff in the area that were new and definitely did not know the menu as a family that we knew sat close to us and were experiencing problems with their server in that she did not know the menu at all. As for the food we focused on their home smoked items. I chose the two smoked combo with one being a smoked cheddar jalapeno sausage and the other being smoked turkey breast and it came with two sides. I chose a coleslaw and a macaroni and cheese. The smoke turkey breast was absolutely delicious. Very flavorful, moist, not dried out at all. Two nice slices came with the meal. The jalapeno cheddar sausage was served sliced in half the long way and was also quite tasty. The coleslaw was good. The mac and cheese unfortunately came out lukewarm. It had great flavor with a very thick cheese sauce however the thickness of that was due primarily to the fact that the dish was not hot. My partner had the smoked brisket. It came with three slices of smoked brisket two of which were very good but the third slice had a lot of inedible gristle in it.

Review №3


9ers is great. Wholesome local eatery, breakfast is my favorite. Have yet to try the 88oz mimosa tower. Staff is pleasant, signage says understaffed and asks for patience but every time Im here its all running smoothly.Wouldnt really advertise your shirt staffed that just puts a negative connotation in someones head right as they walk in the door.Food is good, not mind blowing delicious but a good value and enough menu variety to keep customers coming back.

Review №4


Niners was awesome again today. We arrived just after they filled up. Within 5 minutes we were seated and anticipating another great meal. The Rum punches definitely slowed us down but they were tasty sitting in the garage. Meals,like normal, were crazy good. This is no other place for alcohol and brunch. Thanks Mike for the great service today

Review №5


Cute place. The service was great. Our server stopped by often to check on us. Our food came out quickly, was hot, and delicious. They have am amazing drink menu. Mimosa tower, fishbowl drinks, mimosa flights and cold brew flights. Will definitely be back again.

Review №6


We’ve been here several times, and have never been disappointed with the quality or amount of food. Everything is delicious, and such a great value for your money.We’ve gone a few times when they were really busy and there ways quite a wait for our food, but you can’t help that.The employees we’ve encountered have all been super friendly and attentive as well.

Review №7


We had breakfast on the outside patio! We clean and pleasant environment. Very attentive and courteous staff! The biscuits and gravy were great and we loved the Prime Ben. And the Bloody Mary was outstanding! Great place...a must try!

Review №8


First time being there and was a good place to go they have outdoor patio

Review №9


The comfort of knowing how your experience is going to go is a little bit uneasy.If your going, expect a little bit of a wait, seems like the kinks are not worked out.The dishwasher though seems very very interested in washing a couple glasses and sonter on out more than a attentive service person .The whole process of making the shifts work means more than just breakfast.Which was overheard when a older woman was bemoaning her last experience in the evening. Though she LOVES IT in the morning 🌄.Sitting there I thought, dang another place to be in the second choice category.

Review №10


Service good but I was not going to stay because all I wanted was two eggs over easy home fries and toast with a side of sausage gravy. Don’t know why it is so hard to get two eggs and not three. But apparently it is here. I do not like wasting food. And eggs are not really something you can take with you. Waitress said no problem but I still got three eggs and paid for them. Not geared for light eaters for sure.